Monday, 10 March 2014

Degustabox Review & Chicken Fajitas With Pepperdew Piquante Peppers Recipe

I've saw so many of these subscription boxes go around and have always thought its another way of getting people to join something for most of the products they wouldn't use. I will say I have been tempted to buy the Degustabox when it was the £4.99 offer. So I was thrilled to be asked to review one to see for myself.

So Degustabox is a monthly box you get every month with between 10-15 food and drink products in. Price is £9.99 plus postage. Got to admit in my box the products I go,t I wouldn't of picked up myself in a shop, I suppose that is the whole point of the box an add on surprise of something you wouldn't get.

First up in my box was the Tyrrells Apple & apple and cinnamon crisps.

I wasn't even aware that Tyrrells did fruit crisps, at first on trying them I was a bit struck with a sweet crisp. I love my savoury crisps so these was a bit weird for me. After trying the whole packet I was surprised with how light they was. They are too bad for calories either so good if you are craving something sweet.

Ryvita Thins - sweet chilli & cheddar and cracked black pepper.

Out of the whole box my favourite was the sweet chilli, oh my these are amazing. I think I have a slight addiction now to these. I loved the little tang of chilli that get left in your mouth. The cheese and black pepper was a bit bland compared to the sweet chilli but they was still really nice. Perfect for a quick snack or a dipping double.

Soren banana lunchbox loaves & toastie loaf.

So I've never been a fan of malt loaf, so I've never got it for the kids. I was surprised both the kids liked Soren toasted, especially when my son hates toast too. The banana loaves was pretty nice too, only my daughter was keen on then, spread with a bit of jam on them.

Schecklers organic energy and organic energy lite.

If you are a reader of my blog you know I struggle with my drinks, I can't seem to find anything I really like then stuck with and end up going back to tea. Scheckter's Organic Energy is a 100% natural, organic, Faritrade and vegetarian certified energy drink. The drink was very natural tasting with a light fizz, totally refreshing.

The English Provender Co

Makers of naturally scrumptious chutneys, curds, condiments & salad dressings since 1979. Quite simply, thoroughly good stuff.

Damson & Port Chutney was really nice and a fresh taste, the other half loved it with a bit of turkey.

Redcurrant Sauce with Rosemary, I liked the added rosemary in this and the sauce was very refreshing and fruity. A nice condiment to add for the Sunday dinner.

Bahlsen pick up

These was divine, not very often you get a huge slab of chocolate sandwiched two sweet biscuits. These was the kids favourtives out the box. Nice for a quick snack or a dunking biscuit for your tea. 

Bahlsen Waffeletten

A crunchy wafer, rolled up and dipped in rich dark chocolate. I liked the texture of these, very messy though. I have a recipe coming up using these.

Last of all Pepperdew Piquante Peppers which I made chicken fajitas.

3 chicken breasts, diced or in strips.
2 Tbsp olive oil.
1/2 large onion, sliced lengthwise (root to tip) into 1/4-inch strips
1 orange bell pepper of various, sliced
Pepperdew piquante peppers
Flour tortillas
Iceberg lettuce
Hot sauce

2 Tbsp lime juice
3 Tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove, diced
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 jalapeno, diced

Make the marinade and add the sliced chicken breast, onion & peppers , marinade for a few hours, I normally pop in a bowl and cover on the fridge for a few hours.

Add the chicken, onion and peppers to a hot pan, added black pepper and hot sauce and fry until its going a bit brown.

Warm the tortillas and add lettuce to the bottom, add the chicken, peppers and onion. You can add a salsa or cool dip.

Got to say i was thrilled with trying out the surprise box. The kids have also liked trying out new things too. I have a discount code that knocks £3.00 off when registering use " PSD10" to claim.

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