Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Characters Chill Factor Slushy Maker Colour Blast Review.

Raiden has saw the advent on TV a few times and asked for a slushy maker. I've always thought it was a tad too good to be true, a slushy in seconds..... really??

We got sent a red slushy maker to review and Raiden was delighted. You have to freeze the cup for around 6-8 hours beforehand. So its best to use them refreeze so its all ready for the next time.

The pack has a silicone outer cup, a freeze pack that goes inside the cup, a lid that screws on then the top that you can screw on and off and a long spoon. 
So you add the cup without the top lid, freeze until the pack is solid. 

Add chilled juice ( room tempeture won't work ) or what ever you want to turn into slush, add the top and squeeze until it turns into slush. Don't overfill as it will just all spill out when you squeeze. It does take about 30 seconds, its actually pretty cool and I don't know how it works but it actually does.

These will be perfect for the summer when its hot as its an instant cool down.

These are aimed at all children aged 3+. RRP - £12.99

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