Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For.

If someone had asked me a month ago, what i would wish for for that moment in time. My reply would of been along the lines of a lie in and a week in bed.

Last week i got that wish, i had planned so many things for my recovery in bed after the operation, a pile of books to read, lots of lovely blog posts to write,  blog reading & catch up on watching some TV shows. How wrong was i with my fairytale story. The pain has been awful, every movement has made it ten times worse,  getting in and out of bed has been like a army mission itself. I've had to have help getting washed, dressed and the kids help me put my socks on. I haven't been able to read as i can't lay on my side or sit straight up, so when i got my book out i found it too heavy to hold. the ipad was the same it felt like a small elephant in my hands so i couldn't write anything or read any blogs. the only thing i managed to do was watch Grimm season 2, but I've been extremely bored. my body is worn out resting but my head is on go, go, go. My phone has been my lifesaver i think without this i would of gone off my rocker. I'm feeling alot stronger this week, but im still awfully tired. 

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