Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bannatyne Skincare Exclusive At Tesco

I love Bannatyne spas, I'm actually booked in for a chocolate massage on the 1st march and I can't wait. Its actually one of the things on my bucket list to do this year.

Entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den Duncan Bannatyne has launched his exclusive facial skin care range into Tesco stores after signing a deal with the supermarket to get the range into 16 of Tesco’s premium beauty departments across the UK. You could only buy this range in Bannatyne Health Clubs before. So now you can add it to your shopping basket and pamper yourself at home.

With hero ingredients- Timecode®, used to improve elasticity and increase skin cell turnover, and Liposome Microcapsule, used to help fight the visible signs of ageing and improve overall skin radiance

The collection is made up of four different ranges to suit a variety of skin types and needs:

Replenishing Range -

Perfect for normal to dry skin, the key ingredients in this range help treat signs of ageing, reduce the visible signs of wrinkles, brighten skin and improve firmness with peptides.

Refreshing Range -

For normal to combination skin, this anti-ageing skincare range has been formulated to treat all skin concerns including congestion, acne and hormonal/stress-related breakouts, with key ingredients including watercress, ivy and Icelandic moss.

Specialist Anti-Ageing Range -

Specifically created to prepare the skin for further treatments, this skincare range consists of exfoliation and anti-ageing products - ensuring that all other products last longer and work more effectively as they have no ‘barrier to cross’.  And what’s more, regular and good exfoliation ensures the skin glows with radiance, minimises dehydration lines and removes flaky skin.

Bath and Body Range -

Packed full of skin-saving ingredients to moisturise and tone the skin, these body and soul products combine a unique blend of essential oils to help uplift mood, rebalance the mind and soothe aching muscles.

We got sent two items from the range to review first was the Replenishing night moisturiser.

I love the mild scent of this and it has a very creamy texture, it doesn't feel thick when its put on and absorbs very quick. It felt very light once absorbed on my skin which is great. You apply before bed, avoiding the eye area and sleep. Simples - I liked the gold packing and the square tub its pretty and eye catching.

RRP- £28.99

• Improves skin elasticity.

• Protects from daily environmental pollutants.

• Attracts moisture into the skin and helps lock it in.

• Oxygenates and improves skin radiance.

• Works with the skin to heal and repair while the skin is resting and most receptive.

Next up to review was the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. The scent again is pretty mild. The mask stung the first time I put it on for a couple of seconds. It faded and absorbed quick. My skin was very smooth once I had rinsed it off. The mask works by removing the dead skin cells to reveal smooth new skin. 

 RRP 15.99

• Removes dead skin cells to reveal luminous new skin cells.

• Allows penetration of all other products to ensure they last longer and work more effectively.

• Increases cell regeneration.

• Improves radiance.

• Attracts moisture.

• Rebalances the pH level of the skin.

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