Friday, 28 February 2014

Some Cycle Facts & Some Tips To Stay Safe.

Firstly, here’s some scary stats from Rospa (The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents)

“Every year in the UK, approximately 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents”

The 2013 figures from the Think!

                  The number of cyclists killed increased by 10% from 107 in 2011 to 118 in 2012.

                The number of cyclists reported to have been seriously injured increased by 4% from 3,085 in 2011 to 3,222 in 2012.

               Pedal cyclist traffic levels are estimated to have risen by 1.2% over the same period.

               Most (92%) of these accidents involve another vehicle.

Eversure’s cycle safety tips

·         If you’re having to cycle on the road (but still good to teach kids at a young age)

·         You should never ride more than two abreast – the safest way to ride as a family is with your children IN FRONT, and you behind. Let your children cycle about a meter out from the curb, and with you following behind, slightly further out. This way, you can give instructions, and create space between traffic and your children. If mum and dad are both out, have one parent head up the front too.

·         Always cycle with traffic, on the correct side of the road, never cycle into traffic, even if the roads are quiet.

·         Don't cycle on the pavement (unless marked for cyclists)

·         Always have front (white) and rear (red) lights fitted to your bike, and check that these work before setting off.

·         Consider fitting a bike horn or bell to alert road users to your presence – you can get specialist electronic horns that can cut through most background noise (most kids prefer a bell though!)

·         You should wear light coloured clothes / hi vis / reflective clothing always when cycling in low visibility, not just at night

·         Don’t overload a rucksack or backpack, you could reduce your ability to maintain your balance.

·         Ride predictably, decisively, in a straight line, and well clear of the kerb

·         Always look and signal clearly – you can get electronic signals reasonably cheaply

·         Don't use a mobile phone or earphones

·         Wear a properly fitting crash helmet.

·         Make eye contact where possible so you know drivers have seen you

·         Riding on the road is scary, consider getting your kids confident and trained young .
·         If you’re playing out in the street / close / garages / park / woods / to and from school.

·         Be aware of traffic that might be pulling into, or out of driveways

·         Teach your child how to cross the road safely (or forbid them from crossing the road without you)

·         Keep children seen with light coloured clothing, and hi vis in low light conditions

·         Make sure your children have a set time to report in, if you can’t stand and watch them play (great for learning to tell the time too!)

·         Set your child boundaries or milestones (they can go as far as that lamp post, that tree etc or no further than where the line of sight disappears) so they know not to run off ahead too far

(tips from Eversure)

Models Own for Dogs Trust 25 Carat Swatch

I was super lucky to win this stunning shade from a blog competition recently. To celebrate 35 years of the digs trust iconic slogan “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas®”, they have teamed up with Models Own to create a limited edition 25 Carat Gold nail varnish.

Priced at £5.50 (+ £1 P&P), all proceeds will go straight to the dogs trust.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Son

I've looked at you today and I still can't believe your mine has it really been 7 years since you came it to my life. Words can not explain how much I will utterly love you forever. It was hard becoming a mom, finding out over half way I was having you. Battling demons when you was born. I've never felt I was good enough. I know I can't give you everything you want but I will stand by you, make you laugh, wipe your years, be a shoulder to cry on, soothe you when you are ill, wipe up your grazes, be there to tuck you in bed. I hope you will always know I love you more than anything in the world.

Love Mommy xxx 

Chocolate LoveHearts Fairy Cakes

Last week we made some yummy cakes in half term, they was very simple and easy to make. 

Ingredients for the cakes
110g (4oz) butter or margarine
110g (4oz) caster sugar
2 medium size eggs
110g (4oz) self-raising flour - sieved
50g (2oz) cocoa powder - sieved
Icing sugar
Pink food colouring
LoveHeart sweets

Preheat the oven at gas mark 4. Mix the butter, sugar and cocoa powder until fluffy. Add the two eggs and add the flour bit by bit until its a smooth batter.

Add mixture in to cake cakes and cook for 12-15 minutes.

Once cool add the butter and icing sugar together until you have a paste, add a few drops of food colouring and mix well. Add the icing to the cakes and decorate with love hearts.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Macadamia Range Available From TheHut.Com

I was given some samples from The Hut a leading online department store with best prices on a huge range of branded products. It has a massive range of products to cater for everyone needs. I've always been very interested in the macadamia range, I just haven't got around to trying any of there products yet.

I was sent a few samples to try out:

Rejuvenating shampoo - I  liked the feel of the shampoo after I used it. My hair was left soft and smooth after a wash. I did have to re- rinse though as it did feel like it stuck in to my hair. The shampoo itself was a good thickness, lathered well and smelt really nice. The Rejuvenating Shampoo gently cleanses the hair while weightlessly replenishing moisture and protecting the hair from environmental elements.  
£5.15 for 100ml

Deep Repair Masque - I rarely use masques on my hair so this was a treat. The formulation of Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil are combined with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extract, which work together to replenish your hair of any lost nutrients and restore your hair with natural goodness. Again the smell is really nice, not to strong and it holds in your hair. After I blowed dryer my hair it had a very glossy silky finish. It really hydrated my hair and gave it a boost of life. I think I will repurchase this for future use. 
£10.20 for 100ml

Nourishing Leave In Cream -  This cream smells divine and is wonderful for smoothing and softening the hair. I didn't need to blow dry or straighten after using this. Only problem is a little is needed. It did make my hair rather greasy the next day and I had to wash it again so less is definitely best. 
£15.00 for 300ml 

Reviving Curl Cream - I had a friend try this as I don't have curly hair, my hair is to thick to manage it.  Bold and define your curls with Macadamia Natural Oil Reviving Curl Cream. Specially formulated for wavy or curly hair, this nourishing cream smooths frizz and flyaway, giving you beautifully soft and defined curls. Your hair will be left wonderfully glossy, whilst the UV protectors prolong the life of coloured hair, helping it to maintain its vibrancy. My friend liked the texture and consistency of the product. The first time she said her hair felt heavy after like it had really clogged in her hair, the next time she used a tiny amount and her hair was frizz free and her curls quite defined.
£18.20 for 250ml

Personally I've always thought the macadamia range was really overpriced, after testing them out myself. Its a product that you don't need a lot of so In theory they will last you a lot longer than your normal products. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Support Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 with Baylis & Harding's 'The Fairtrade Collection'

Make a difference during the upcoming annual Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 (24th February - 9th March) with Baylis & Harding's 'The Fairtrade Collection'.

The Fairtrade Collection is big on the feel-good factor as each soothing, hydrating ingredient is ethically sources to Fairtrade Foundation guides to benefit producers worldwide. This range offers affordable, luxury skincare for everyone, secure in the knowledge that every purchase goes to support the developing world.

We got some goodies to test and try out from the range. You all know I love Baylis and Harding products, so I was thrilled to be able to review something for me for a change. Each product clearly displays the fairtrade logo.

First we got sent to review was the Fair Trade Hydrating Honey Hand Wash.

The handwash has a very mild scent and left my hands feeling very soft and smooth and hydrated. The handwash has vitamin E extract which gently cleanses the skin to leave it feeling soft and nourished.

Next was sent Fair Trade Nourishing Sugar Syrup and Honey Body Butter

The sugar syrup and honey body butter absorbs in to the skin very easily. You only need a bit as it goes a long way, so it doesn't take ages to rub it. It leaves the skin feeling very soft and not greasy like some other brands of butters I've used in the past. The only thing I didn't like was the scent of it, it was a weird combination for me I normally go for fruity scents myself.

Last but not least was the Fair Trade Cleansing Honey Body Wash

I liked the texture of the body wash it wasn't watery and a great thickness. The scent was nice with a hint of lavender. It seemed to leave my arms feeling smooth and moisturised. I felt refreshed after I had used it in the bath.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Simple Bath Time Activity - Shaving Foam Paint

I saw this shared on Facebook a while ago and i thought it was a great idea. A great messy activity for in the bath. All you need in shaving foam and food colouring then you mix a bit of food colouring in with shaving foam and there, you have your bath paints. 

I put ours in silicone cake cases as i thought it would be easier if it dropped in the bath and for them to hold. I gave them a brush and they was happy until the water went cold. Then it just wipes off your tiles with a sponge.

Trash Pack Junk Yard & Trash Wheels Review

Raiden was really excited to be asked to review the new Trash Packs from Flair. This time the gross gang is on the move with the latest Trash Pack instalment. Kids will have a ‘wheely’ gross time racing their Trash Wheels vehicles. He received some of the trash packs for Christmas so he was super excited to receive these.

The Wheels Junk Yard playset was pretty easy to build, Raiden did 80% of it! He struggled with the ramp bits, he couldn't join them together. Overall once built the playset is pretty sturdy.

 There is a few ramps that the cars can go up and down the ramps and do stunts. 

There is a crane and a crushing yard where you can pick the cars up and pretend to crush them, but they launch though a secret compartment. Then you can see it pretend to become a piece of scrap metal. 

There is a section you can store all your trash wheels and you can burst though the scrapyard gate. I liked the attention to detail and he enjoyed playing with it.

This playset also comes with two exclusive Trash Wheel Vehicles and is fully contactable with other Trash Wheels sets too.  RRP £24.99

We also received a pack of  Trash Wheels There is Over 83 cars to collect across 6 teams ( Litter Buggies, Take Away, Army Junk, Skid marks, Rust Buckets and Muck Trucks gangs). Kids will have a ‘wheely’ gross time racing their Trash Wheels vehicles for a totally rancid Trash Pack showdown. Two Trash Wheels vehicles and a collector’s guide included. RRP is £3.99

Friday, 14 February 2014

Bling It On Black Leather & Skulls Nails Inc

This weeks nails was leather and skulls by nails inc.  This stunning shade applies glossy but will dry down into a chic leather look texture. The polish features a limited edition leather effect cap. This fashion forward collection also includes 4 crystal skull embellishments and glue so that you create a unique nail art look at home.

I love the skulls makes the polish really stand out :-)

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners

Are the Peep Toe Heels that you live in for the office getting a little cheesy but you love them too much to chuck them out? Fear no more. Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners have arrived.

Fab, simple, effective and easy to use. You pop the fragranced fresheners into shoes and they are secured with a band allowing the air to circulate around the insole.

The fragrances in the fresheners are, Freshly Laundered, Madagascan Vanilla, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Caribbean Beach Breeze.

They come in a funky variation of lovely designs which perk up a dull looking shoe. There is something for everybody in the designs. When not in Use you can seal them back into the resell bag or pop/hang them in your show cupboard to banish bad smells.

I was sent a lovely pair of leopard print for the review and I loved the vanilla scent. Available from Tesco now. RRP £2.60

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bannatyne Skincare Exclusive At Tesco

I love Bannatyne spas, I'm actually booked in for a chocolate massage on the 1st march and I can't wait. Its actually one of the things on my bucket list to do this year.

Entrepreneur and star of Dragon’s Den Duncan Bannatyne has launched his exclusive facial skin care range into Tesco stores after signing a deal with the supermarket to get the range into 16 of Tesco’s premium beauty departments across the UK. You could only buy this range in Bannatyne Health Clubs before. So now you can add it to your shopping basket and pamper yourself at home.

With hero ingredients- Timecode®, used to improve elasticity and increase skin cell turnover, and Liposome Microcapsule, used to help fight the visible signs of ageing and improve overall skin radiance

The collection is made up of four different ranges to suit a variety of skin types and needs:

Replenishing Range -

Perfect for normal to dry skin, the key ingredients in this range help treat signs of ageing, reduce the visible signs of wrinkles, brighten skin and improve firmness with peptides.

Refreshing Range -

For normal to combination skin, this anti-ageing skincare range has been formulated to treat all skin concerns including congestion, acne and hormonal/stress-related breakouts, with key ingredients including watercress, ivy and Icelandic moss.

Specialist Anti-Ageing Range -

Specifically created to prepare the skin for further treatments, this skincare range consists of exfoliation and anti-ageing products - ensuring that all other products last longer and work more effectively as they have no ‘barrier to cross’.  And what’s more, regular and good exfoliation ensures the skin glows with radiance, minimises dehydration lines and removes flaky skin.

Bath and Body Range -

Packed full of skin-saving ingredients to moisturise and tone the skin, these body and soul products combine a unique blend of essential oils to help uplift mood, rebalance the mind and soothe aching muscles.

We got sent two items from the range to review first was the Replenishing night moisturiser.

I love the mild scent of this and it has a very creamy texture, it doesn't feel thick when its put on and absorbs very quick. It felt very light once absorbed on my skin which is great. You apply before bed, avoiding the eye area and sleep. Simples - I liked the gold packing and the square tub its pretty and eye catching.

RRP- £28.99

• Improves skin elasticity.

• Protects from daily environmental pollutants.

• Attracts moisture into the skin and helps lock it in.

• Oxygenates and improves skin radiance.

• Works with the skin to heal and repair while the skin is resting and most receptive.

Next up to review was the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. The scent again is pretty mild. The mask stung the first time I put it on for a couple of seconds. It faded and absorbed quick. My skin was very smooth once I had rinsed it off. The mask works by removing the dead skin cells to reveal smooth new skin. 

 RRP 15.99

• Removes dead skin cells to reveal luminous new skin cells.

• Allows penetration of all other products to ensure they last longer and work more effectively.

• Increases cell regeneration.

• Improves radiance.

• Attracts moisture.

• Rebalances the pH level of the skin.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Disney Princess Palace Pet Pamper & Beauty Salon Set Review

Lexie has recently gone crazy on Disney Princesses, so we was super thrilled to be sent the new The Disney Princess Palace Pet Pamper & Beauty Salon Set  Character Options new range of Disney Princess Palace Pets. Little girls can now collect all the pet friends belonging to their most loved Disney Princess. This set includes everything you need to pamper and preen the new Palace Pets. 

Included in the set comes Rapunzel’s kitty with magical colour change features that make her nails pink and pretty makeup appear and disappear with cold water. Lexie loved this feature and poor kitty has taken many baths and been dunked in the sink over and over. The set is pretty sturdy but for some reason the bath and chair connectors come off pretty easy, so you have to keep putting them back on. 

We loved the detail of the bath, it has bubble effect with blue so it looks like a real bath . 

There is a movable chair with a brush and hair dryer where you can give the pets a blow dry. There is slots where you can add the little slides and a cool vanity mirror that the pets can see there finished look.

We also received a Disney Princess Palace Pets Furry Tail Friends - (Pumpkin) she comes with a furry tail and a brush you can use to brush it. A removable glitter tiara and the head moves from side to side. RRP £5.99 There are six to collect - Beauty, Berry, Blossom, Teacup, Treasure & Pumpkin.

Lexie's favourite was the Disney Princess Palace Pets Primp and Pamper Pony - (  Bibbidy )
She comes with a huge brush-able tail, a brush, some hair slides and a Cinderella pumpkin you can keep the slides in. RRP £7.99 There is three to collect Bloom, Petit & Bibbidy.

Last of all was Disney Princess Palace Pets Talking and Singing Pets - ( Pumpkin ) pumpkin says several different phrases with the press of her necklace, comes with a brush. Love the sparkly furry tail and the glittery tiara. RRP £12.99 There is three to collect Berry, Treasure & Pumpkin.

Lexie loved the set and the different figures, she's taken them everywhere in her bag when we go out. The detail is amazing on them and they are great for collecting the whole set. We already have brought Ariel's pet ( Treasure ) to add to her collection. I love how the pets resemble the Princess if it be the colours, little details on the tiaras or brushes. Its pretty cool. Perfect for any little girl that loves, glitter and Disney Princesses!

 These lovable pets are aimed at girls aged 3 - 6 years.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentines Gifts For Every Budget

So its nearly that time where everything is plastered with hearts and its the day of luvvvvvvve! I do find valentines a tad cheesy but I also love being spoilt rotten. Hehe. I've put together a lovely idea guide from some lovely brands.

Asda have a great selection of gifts including mugs, confetti, heart egg shapers, champagne and even a personalised gifting range. we received some super cute items to test out.

First up is this cute heart champagne glass. There plastic so they are good if you ever drop them or great for little hands as my 2 year old daughter has insisted that its now her cup to drink from. These are priced at a £1 each which is fantastic value.

Next was a heart shaped silicone tray with is great for ice cubes or making your own chocolate hearts. RRP is £2

Next was a cute mini wooden photo frame, I loved the design on this and can't wait to choose a photo to put in it. RRP is £3

Here are some of the perfect gifts to celebrate with your loved ones this year.

Next up is Tesco, which have also been busy too.

We received some gorgeous tesco finest heart shaped praline chocolates. The box is lovely and decorated very pretty. Inside are little hearts wrapped in silver, inside is a smooth praline centre and they was amazing. They are perfect if your other half is trying to watch the waistline and are priced at just £3. 

There is also a selection of there finest chocolates ranging up to £10. Or perhaps a yummy treat may win over your valentine from an individual be my valentines cupcake £1 or a gift sized valentines sweetheart cupcake £3. For something for indulgent they have a finest Belgium chocolate cake £6. You can wash it down with a bottle of finest premier Cru champagne £19.99.

For some super special awwww gifts, they have this stunning teddy bear priced at £5 and these amazing cushions which are super cute priced at £12 each.

Baylis & Harding has a range of luxury, affordable beauty collections that are sure to get the romance rolling. A lovely gift set is always a winner for me.

The Strawberries & Cream Collection is an indulgent range of British beauty gifts, appropriately packaged in pretty silver and pink love hearts and scrumptiously scented with Strawberry and Cream. A delightful gift range for your special sweetheart!

This cool and contemporary toiletry collection oozes a fresh fragrance of Citrus Lime and Mint. A zesty way to say I love you to that magnificent man in your life.

Greeting Games -  have launched a new concept in greeting cards, basically a digital greeting card combined with a casual game.  It's a really fun way to send eCards to people, and the brilliant thing is it works on smartphones as it's not Flash-based.

As the sender, you get to choose the occasion, choose the game and then tweak various options including adding a personal message to the recipient.

What a fab and very 2014 way of sending a special card to someone you love.

Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day with a few sweet treats from Home Candy the new, quality, contemporary homewares brand with a playful design twist.

On our shopping trip we found these amazing cute heart ducks which was only a £1 for the two from The Card Factory.