Sunday, 12 January 2014

Slimpod Star

Sometimes its nice to look back and reflect now what you have achieved in a short space of time. When daily life is getting on top of you its hard to take note of the physical and mental changes that are happening. I look back at this time last year and think how unhappy I was, how shell like I had become. How my life was affecting my children and to me it was all locked up tight. Never in my dreams would I think now in 2014 how I would be three sizes smaller, very happy and slowly getting back to loving life. I've talked about my slimpod journey a few times and I'm still amazed it works and how its worked for me.

Earlier in the year I wrote my slimpod story it was quite great to get it all out and show people how far I had come. The story was for the yearly slimpod star, which is to find  someone that has battled along with there weight and had a positive outcome. I was surprised to find out just before Christmas that i had made it as a Slimpod star.

January 2nd I was whisked away to London for a star studded experience with Debenhams  where I was transformed with my hair done by the lovely ladies at the Regis salon. My make up done with the ladies down at the benefit counter. I had my own personal shopper which was amazing talented as she picked some gorgeous items out for me which I never probably would of even look at In my wildest dreams. My shopping for myself has been pretty limited as I've always gone for the basic things I need, covering up with hoodies and baggy trousers which was most likely making me look ten times bigger. I'm slowly buying more slim fit and brighter colours that are finding there way In to my wardrobe.

The next part of the day was to have my photo taken, this for me is something I avoid normally at all costs. I hate having my photo taken which makes me awful sad. I have limited of me and the kids when they was smaller as I just hated the camera and what I looked like.

So nine months in to I and I'm now halfway though my journey I hope by the summer I'm more confident and a slinky size 14.

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