Monday, 20 January 2014

SeaFood Bluray Review

SeaFood Bluray

So the film is following two sharks called Pup and Julius that embark on a fun-filled adventure to a place filled with colourful characters and marvellous mystery! When poachers steal dozens of egg sacks from Pup’s reef, he makes it his duty to rescue his brothers and sisters. His mission becomes more difficult when he realises that he must venture above water and tackle a landscape filled with both beauty and danger. 

Afraid for Pup’s safety, his best friend Julius follows him, attempting to bring him home. Wearing an amazing ‘fish-suit’ which allows him to walk on land, Julius will also discover that sharks may not be the most frightening creatures in the world… The kids loved this it reminded me a bit of shark tale. There was loads of undersea creatures which was good to point out. It a very bright and engaging film. Raiden loved the fighting ninja chickens & the white shark inside a sub-suit robot running about on land.

Daddy, I’m a Zombie

Join Dixie and friends on a spooky adventure to a magical world of Witches, Pirates and Mummies! It’s not every day that you’re transformed into a Zombie, but that’s exactly what happens to Dixie! Finding herself in a strange new world, she must befriend Isis (an Egyptian mummy princess) and Gonner (a pirate cabin boy) and defeat the evil witch, Nubulosa, so that she can find her way home! Check out our review HERE 

Lionsgate UK releases SeaFood & Daddy, I’m a Zombie on Blu-ray on the 3rd February 2014

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