Monday, 6 January 2014

My Bucket-list 2014

I thought with my positive vibes so far it will be a great idea to do a bucket list, then I can reflect on what  i will have achieved this year.

1. Get to a size 14 by the summer, this is my target goal.
2. Go on a summer holiday with the children.
3. Do more crafts with the children and post them on the blog.
4. Be active at least five times a week and do 7,000+ steps a day.
5. Spend lest on Christmas with bargain hunting.
6. Go for a fish pedicure.
7. De - clutter and recycle more.
8. Jump around in muddy puddles when we can, what a bit of rain?
9. Enter more competitions and more creative ones.
10. Grow something with the kids that we can eat.
11. Give blood.
12. Complete a run.
13. Read more, think i managed 10 books this year. Would love to double that.
14. Try acupuncture or go on a spa day. ( a mud wrap sounds interesting)
15. I've always wanted to try zorbing. Hehe
16. Two places to visit this year is Harry potter studios and peppa pig world.

This is my first book I'm gonna read which is actually a competition win from September 2013 which turned up today. 

What things would you like to achieve or do this this year?

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  1. I love this idea, I might pinch it and link to you if you don't mind :) Good luck achieving everyone you want in 2014! x