Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mr Tumble’s Big Book of Counting Review

My daughter is a huge fan of Mr tumble so we was super excited when we was asked to review Mr Tumbles big book of counting from Egmont. Learn to count from 1 to 5 with Mr Tumble and his friends fishman tumble, baker tumble, grandad tumble and aunt Polly.

The book is a good size so perfect for little hands. The lift up flaps are huge and they revel lots of different things to count including Mr Tumble's friends, cakes, balloons and even a pair of pants! Hehe

There's an opportunity for children to trace over the big bold numbers with their fingers as well as joining in with the counting out loud. Lexie loved tracing her fingers over the numbers and counting all the items on the page.

With each page dedicated to one number, the pages are simple and bright - perfect for those just beginning to have fun with numbers. Lexie's brother was able to read the story too her and they both counted along and shouted out who was under the flaps helping Mr tumble to count.

RRP is £7.99

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