Friday, 3 January 2014

A Postive Start To 2014

Eeekkkk I did something yesterday that I wouldn't of done this time last year because of my confidence. I was always wondering what people was thinking of me and turned in to any empty shell. I wouldn't go out as I was so paranoid about people talking about me behind my back. My social life suffered just because i had put i had put on so much weight.

Yesterday I travelled from Birmingham to London, met two people who I didn't know, ate lunch in front of them. Had my make up done in the middle of a busy superstore. Tried on clothes it wouldn't normally pick up and had picture taken. I did this all on my own as me and not in mummy mode...eeeepppppp.

It's taken me a lot to get up and do this and break my confidence barriers. So 2014 looks like a brand new me. 

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