Thursday, 12 December 2013

Woolly & Tig Children's App

Lexie is a huge cbeebies fan. She adores the colourful fluffy spider from woolly & Tig. My only bug bear is its on for five minutes so you can blink and miss it.

We was thrilled to be asked to review the new woolly & Tig app for iPad and iPhone from apple. We received a cool goodybag with a DVD, sticker book and a cute toy. Which has been hidden away for Christmas ( mean mommy I know).

The app is fantastic it has real day to day situations to act out with six mini games like brushing there teeth, getting dressed and having a wash. Its a great way of making aware of taking care of yourself and hygiene.

The app also explores seasons sun where you can to put sun cream, glasses and a hat on woolly. Rain where you have to push the umbrella up and jump in puddles. Then the snow you roll and build a snowman. Using the app focuses on hand and eye coradation like pinching together, rolling, swiping up and down. Apart from the pinching motion Lexie was able to do everything else in the game and it didn't take her long to do all six games. 

The step voice instruction was very easy to follow. The games are pretty simple and are aged from 3-6 years. Lexie is 2.5 and did the games pretty easy, her favourite was brushing woollys teeth and popping the bubbles after washing his face.

The app also have a free play option when you can interact with Woolly by stroking, ticking him, getting him to sleeps & hugs. She loved the interaction of stroking and woolly talking  to her in the free play option as she was giggling along. You  can unlock the parent scheduling option and programme so the timer prompts your child at specific times like 6.30pm to brush and wash there face for bedtime. Which is a great learning tool.

RRP : £2.99 

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