Monday, 16 December 2013

Tesco's Christmas Decorations Range

We got to review some of Tesco's new Christmas range, they really have some stunning decorations this year. There are some lovely items designed in different finishes, glitter and big bold colours. We was bold over with the choice in there range. We was due some new ones as we make a huge thing decorating in December for the festive season.

Great long plastic beads to drape and put round the tree for a fantastic effect.

 I loved the bold print on these they really set he tree off with the glitter tops, wooden and made to last.

The kids have gone wild for Mr snowman, he sings jingle bell rock when you press his hand. He dances around and his cheeks light up too. Batteries included

 We have had a bit of a flop with our Santa and star this year as they have bed. So heavy they have toppled the tree over. So we was delighted when we got this very light and glittery tree topper its perfect and really sets the tree off.

This stunning, glitter finished and made to look like its a real gingerbread house. Its a shame there isn't a hole to put a tea light in and I think it would be beautiful with a candle inside.

Plastic bright metallic Christmas trees, these are lovely and when the lights flash its bounces of the decorations.

A combination of metal and plastic and these are so pretty with different sizes and finishes inside for effect. I wish I got a few more of these are they are my favourite.

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