Sunday, 15 December 2013 Review What We Made

One of our passions is craft activities, we are always looking for new things to make. This week we received a huge box filled with craft supplies from  More messy the activity is better for us, after all it can always been cleaned up. In the box was a huge variety of stuff, from foam cones and rings, glitter, glue, wooden decorations, wooden stick on christmas trees, foam snowflakes, deco mache paper, ribbon and tape. 

One stop craft stop is a family-run online craft shop. They pride themselves on product variety, availability and excellent customer service. 

Our first activity was Christmas trees with polystyrene foam cones.  We used the smaller cones, buttons and bobby pins to create a multicoloured very chic Christmas tree. It was mess free and very easy to make. All you do is Create a layer of buttons with bobby pins then add a few inbetween so the whole cone is completely covered.

The bigger foam cone we used some lovely Christmas tree deco mâché paper. I cut the paper into half moons and layered it over and around the cone till it was all covered.  paper, we added buttons again for baubles, thin tinsel for decoration and a silver bow for a star.

Both Activities we used bobby pins so we could take all the items off and redo the cones again for next year and reuse the craft materials. 

We also got sent some lovely 3D wooden Hearts - Star - Tree 
Wooden 3D Plywood decorations with brown twine/string for hanging. We used paint, buttons, Christmas paper, ribbon, buttons, gold bells and glitter to decorate. 
Ideal for Christmas crafting and festive projects.

Watch out for some more activities next week. 

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