Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mr Men Christmas Tree Book Review

This is one of the new Mr Men and Little Miss 'Celebrate' series, focusing on holidays and special occasions. In this lovely book 32 page book written by Roger Hargreaves.  Mr Forgetful has forgotten to buy a Christmas tree and is worried that Father Christmas will not know where to leave his presents on Christmas morning. With all the Christmas trees sold out in the shops, Mr Forgetful goes to see if he can find one to chop down himself and of course he forgets to bring his saw. Lucky a jolly unexpected helper he finds when he is in trouble helps him on his way and saves the day. 

The book was released on 29th August 2013 and is published by Egmont. The book has fun and bold Christmas themed illustrations on every page which give it that magical feeling.

This was a fantastic and very enjoyable festive book to get us in the mood for Christmas. It's been a huge hit at bedtime and the kids love the story . It would also made a greats sticking filler or that perfect story for Christmas Eve.

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