Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Looking Back In 2013, A Lot Of Sorry's And A New Me - Again!

Looking back in 2013, it hasn't been an awful year to be totally honest. Apart from a few bumps ( which everyone has these) and Lexie's awful accident which thankfully she's is fine now. This year I finally stuck to a resolution and dropped three dress sizes. Which has not only cleared my mind its made me a better person too.

I've actually found me again, I'm not longer scared, I no longer care what anyone else thinks or may think of me. I want to take this time to say sorry to friends and family. Sometimes demons get the better of you and they can keep hold of you even though you don't want them to. I'm sorry I wasn't there to wipe your tears or a shoulder to cry on. I hope that you will always know I am ever just a phone call away if you ever did need me. The people that have distant will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always care..

So whats In store for 2014!! My darling daughter will start school nursery eekkkkk & my gorgeous boy junior school. Doesn't time fly! We will be celebrating a 3rd birthday and a 7th birthday next year.

This year I want to reach my goal of a size 14. This will be the year for me to get back on track and love me. This year I turned thirty which wasn't as bad as I thought, after all they say life begins at thirty right??

I want to start reading more books. I love this pastime but never seem to have time. Which is another goal to use my time better and manage my life a bit better.

I need to update my blog more with craft activities and do more with the children, they seem to be growing every time I blink.

Happy new year everyone! Thank you for all reading and following me though the year. Below is a few snapshots that I've loved from this year ! 


  1. You've done fantastically with your weight loss, Tina, I'm so pleased for you. Please don't underestimate what a massive difference you make to people's lives, just by being there. Thanks so much for all the support you've given us with the auction, just having you there helped me get it off the ground last year and was a major factor with all the money we raised. All the best for the new year! Xxx

  2. Wow Tina

    What a year you've had an wow- well done on the weight loss thats incredible.

    Here's to a very happy 2014.
    Thanks for linking up

  3. Amazing weight loss, and not a bad year, accidents aside! Thanks for linking up too, I hadn't read your blog before but have now followed so hope 2014 is a good one for you!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x

  4. look forward to reading your 2014 journey x

  5. Happy New Year and congratulations on three dress sizes, that is amazing, looking forward to reading in 2014 xx

  6. Happy New Year and I hope you continue to find more of you!