Saturday, 14 December 2013

Create Your Own Christmas Card Competition - Furniture Choice.

We love getting messy and crafty. So we was thrilled to be sent a huge bag of craft supplies for the children to use there imagination to design a Christmas card ( or two in our case) for Santa to open once he’s squeezed down the chimney and placed the presents under the tree.

First up was my two year old daughters which was paint, Christmas stickers and lots of glitter to create her snowman.

My six year old son decided to make one of two cards.

The first one was a glitter tree, with Pom- Pom baubles, a star for the top with sticker presents and decorated with Christmas stampers.

The next card was a drawn reindeer with a sleigh with a sparkly pom-pom nose. A blue glitter sky, a sparkly pom-pom moon with a glitter tree and Santa waving.

The winner will receive a Stompa bed of their choice for their child’s bedroom, worth up to £600! Full details can be found here 

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