Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thorntons Christmas Hero

When Thorntons contacted me asking if I wanted to particape in a secret Santa to someone who needed to pick me up or just to say thanks. I struggled with who to pick, I decided with my little sister.

I remember when my mom and dad told me I was gonna be a big sister I was 6 at the time and thought great someone to play with. When she was born I hated her, I didn't like the attention all being on her after all I had it all for nearly 7 years. Growing up I was always lumbered with her from babysitting to taking her out with my friends. We used to argue all the time and she was such a little tell tale. I remember her walking in on me when I was getting changed and she noticing my new belly button piecing, she went up and told my parents straight away. I was grounded for weeks. I've always wondered if it was the huge age gap between us that I thought she was an annoying little sister. As we both grew up we argued and hated each other each more. She would steal my make up and borrow everything without asking.

Since we have grown up and she become an auntie things have changed. Even though I don't see her often as we should, I couldn't imagination her not in my life. I do know that's she only a phone all away. She works hard and long hours and I know she been feeling lonely lately. So I knew this parcel would cheer her right up. It my way of saying thanks for being there. I picked the Thorntons Family night in bundle with a huge collection of chocolate's . She was really surprised when the parcel came and ripped half the box open. haha

The Hamper Contained :
• Original Special Toffee Box (525g)
• Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (150g)
• Classics Milk Bag (94g)
• Classics Mint Bag (80g)
• Classics Milk Caramel Bag (103g) x2
• Classics Turkish Delight Bag (101g)
• Moments (250g)
• Classics Milk, White, Dark (587g)
• Vanilla Fudge Gift Box (350g)
• Classics Milk Orange Bag (105g)
• Chocolate Smothered Toffi Chocs (135g) 

So little sis, thanks for being you. Love you always!! xxx

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