Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nail varnish duos from BD and Along Came Betty, exclusively from Tesco Review

If you follow my blog, you will all know I worship nail polish yes ok I'm slightly an addict. Some women love shoes, handbags or chocolate. I'm a collector of nail polish. I was a tad excited to review some gorgeous Nail varnish duos from BD and Along Came Betty, exclusively from Tesco. I'm always excited to use any type of nail polish  and I'm a bit of a sucker for anything that sparkles.

First up was the Along Came Betty Dream Duo in Swag and Dollar - £5.49

Dollar is a multi pearly type colour so when the light catches it it turn another colour. Swag on the other hand is a matte glitter which is stunning.

Next up was Along Came Betty in Dream Duo in Steal and Style £5.49

Steal is multi glitter with small and big glitter bits. I think this would look stunning over a very dark polish to make the glitter stand out.   Style is a striking shiny purple which is very suited to the winter season.Sparkles, glitz and shine is the way forward for the up and coming season and these dynamic duo nail colours are a seasonal sensation! On trend colours for any moment with a two coat nail formula that will last from one night to the next.

BD Nail Duo's £5.00

A glistening set of shades to add a sprinkle of starlit glamour to nails this season.

Gold on Gold is a true way to add a festive touch to any occasion. One has a shimmering finish while the other is a confetti sparkle effect. These can be applied together for a real wow factor or alone for a more understated look. I loved the confetti sprinkle effect I think it adds that bit of glam to a topcoat. The glossy gold is very bling and uplifting.

The Dancing Duo party purples and pinks bring a shot of fun to your look this festive season. Glittering sparkles add the glamour to these colours. Simply apply two coats and the party is yours!

Overall they are great little stocking fillers with amazing colours. I've had them on for three days I only applied two coats of each and I have very minimum slight chips which I'm massively shocked about considering no base or top coats was used. The cute 5ml bottles make them handy for travel or just to slip in to your handbag.

These cute little sets are available now in Tesco stores and online at

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