Saturday, 16 November 2013

LEGO Snow, LEGO Snow, LEGO Snow

Giant sized LEGO Snow Globe Unveiled in Covent Garden, London.

Last year it was a huge LEGO Advent Calendar; the year before the world’s largest LEGO Christmas Tree; this year, it’s the world’s first ever super-sized LEGO Snow Globe!

Designed and built by Duncan Titmarsh, the UK’s only Certified LEGO Professional, the impressive structure featuring 120,000 bricks, took him 75 days to build.

Situated in Covent Garden’s famous Piazza, the globe has a distinct London theme, hosting 14 of the UK capital’s most iconic buildings, the tallest being London’s newest landmark, The Shard, which stands proud alongside its neighbours at a towering two metres.  Other buildings include Big Ben, Nelson’s Column, The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and of course, Covent Garden Piazza itself.

Amidst the spectacular cityscape are a number of hidden LEGO Santa Mini Figures, so that Christmas shoppers can take a break from trawling the shops and see how many they can spot and win some LEGO prizes.  They can also press a magic button and watch in delight as the snow starts to fall on the LEGO scene – it will be a white Christmas at the LEGO Snow Globe!


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