Tuesday, 19 November 2013

CANParentUK Parenting Classes

After the intial stock of finding out I was pregnant, by the time I get used to the idea knowing my son would be hear in a few weeks it scared me to death. I had been working with children as a job for a little over 6 years with ages of 0-5 years I was still hurled head first in to parenting and jeez it was really hard for me. I had more experience than some other parents is till found it mega hard. The myths the old wives tales, the family members or friends telling you how to bring up or care for your child can be over whelming. 

From the moment you see your child you know you are supposed to love, care and fend for your child forever. So parents are supposed to know all the answers and its supposed to all come naturally, what if it doesn't?  Every parent has to work it out as they go along. Every parent makes mistakes and learns through day to day experience. Mistakes only count if you keep repeating them. Parenting requires understanding, persistence, imagination, energy, knowledge and patience. And all parents need some kind of support. Maybe family, online, heath professionals or even books. Another biggie for me was  family and friends adding ohh let him cry out a bit or stop fussing “don't pick him up all the time as you spoil him” . Is there ever a time when you can spoil a newborn baby really?  Just think how scary it is for them coming in to the world from being all snug and warm to all this faces and pokes from new people.

As I new parent I looked for answers on forums which helped me along on my jounery. A new idea is parenting classes which is something I would of defiantly looked into many years ago. CANparent  a new Government (DfE) initiative aiming at providing high quality parenting classes to support the parenting skills of both mothers and fathers. Check out this video about highlighting a lot of myths you encounter as a parent, they are either engrained in society, or maybe they come is the form of advice from a well-meaning friend or relative.


Being a parent for me is a trial and error, you bring your children up doing the best as you can. They don't come with handbooks and every child is different. I do take on board peoples opinions but I make my own judgement to what's best for them.

Pop over to CANparent facebook page and  “Like” the page for parenting advice from the experts who run the classes. 

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