Friday, 29 November 2013

Airwick Essential Pearls Candle & Reed Diffuser Review

As you all know candles are my passion at this present moment. We was asked to review Airwick's newest candle Essential pearls scented  candles in amber mandarin glowThe candle is a gel based candle with a core of scented pearls containing essential oils so when the wick burns down an bursts the pearls its releases fragrance to create the perfect homely atmosphere. We really liked the scent and we have had the candle on for four days and its hardly gone down at all so I think it will last a long time and great value for money.

The candles are available in these fragrances lovely scents for Christmas.

White Vanilla Bean
Scarlet Frosted Mulberry
Red Cinnamon Apple & Mulled Wine
Amber Mandarin Glow

We also got sent the Purple Blackberry Fig fragrance Reed Diffuser 

The Air Wick Reed Diffuser uses natural rattan stems to slowly diffuse different fragrances though out the home lasting up to four weeks. bringing the freshness of nature into your home through an elegant design. The scent was really strong and very overpowering I had to move it from the living room.

Available fragrances in the reed diffuser.

Pink Sweet Pea
Ivory Freesia Bloom
Crisp Linen & Lilac
White Vanilla Bean

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