Friday, 29 November 2013

Tom Gates Extra Special Treats (not) Book Review And Giveaway.

As part of my sons homework, he has to read to me as to develop his reading skills. We normally let him read a few pages then I carry on for a few more. So I was thrilled to be asked to review a hardback Book Tom Gates: Extra Special Treats (not) is out now, published by Scholastic. Its the sixth in the series by bestselling author Liz Pichon (winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and current holder of the Blue Peter Book Award).

As soon as the book arrived Raiden was on it straight away even though its a big book he was very keen on reading it at bedtime. The book is packed with trademark illustrations, hilarious characters and stories - guaranteed to tickle children's funny bones as the evenings draw in!

The story is fantastic and it quickly catches your eye. the varying type sizes, illustrations and restricted number of words per page have made Raiden what to keep reading more and more which is fantastic. The funny pictures keep him amused and he has fell about laughing his favourite is the grannysaurus doodle. The other books have gone on his Christmas list too, as he has really enjoyed this book even though its look us a while to read together.

I have three copies to give away to my readers. Please see the form below on how to enter.

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Airwick Essential Pearls Candle & Reed Diffuser Review

As you all know candles are my passion at this present moment. We was asked to review Airwick's newest candle Essential pearls scented  candles in amber mandarin glowThe candle is a gel based candle with a core of scented pearls containing essential oils so when the wick burns down an bursts the pearls its releases fragrance to create the perfect homely atmosphere. We really liked the scent and we have had the candle on for four days and its hardly gone down at all so I think it will last a long time and great value for money.

The candles are available in these fragrances lovely scents for Christmas.

White Vanilla Bean
Scarlet Frosted Mulberry
Red Cinnamon Apple & Mulled Wine
Amber Mandarin Glow

We also got sent the Purple Blackberry Fig fragrance Reed Diffuser 

The Air Wick Reed Diffuser uses natural rattan stems to slowly diffuse different fragrances though out the home lasting up to four weeks. bringing the freshness of nature into your home through an elegant design. The scent was really strong and very overpowering I had to move it from the living room.

Available fragrances in the reed diffuser.

Pink Sweet Pea
Ivory Freesia Bloom
Crisp Linen & Lilac
White Vanilla Bean

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Button Christmas Tree Craft.

Use an array of different sized buttons for this simple, mess free activity. Help develop fine motor skills and concentration with threading different sized buttons. Starting with smaller ones for the stand then bigger ones for the tree. Getting smaller and smaller to you get to the top. Finsh with a simple bell or charm and they are now ready to hang on the tree or anywhere else. These also would make fab keyring's too for friends and family.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Great Stylish Boys Clothing From Lucas Frank

Just discovered the fantastic British brand Lucas Frank  with there high quality Tee Shirts, Hoodies, Rugby Shirts and Polo Shirts for Boys. Sorry, but they don't have a girls range yet. ( sob)

I love the bold prints & striking colours there is something for your little dude to catch your eye on the website. They start from 18 months to 10 years.

This Is What Lucas Frank Have To Say

" Your little man should have the best possible start in life so we believe in decking him out with good quality clothing right from day one. It follows that if he’s well turned-out then he’ll turn out well, but we can’t make any promises. What we can assure you of is that our garments have been designed by some of the best designers in the land and made with the finest fabrics available. We’re utterly obsessive about details so you’ll find a mark of quality along every seam and in every stitch because we believe it’s the little things that count"

Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Wreath & Snowflake Decorations Craft Activity

We made theses simple decorations with old puzzle bits we glued them together in the shapes with a heap of glue let them dry overnight then painted them with about three coats of paint.

Next we decorated with glitter and buttons and added ribbon to hang.  Very effective and gorgeous handmade Christmas decorations.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Little Robins Christmas By Jan Fearnley Book Review

With the lead up to Christmas, I love to dig out the books and DVDs that lead up to the special day.

We got sent a lovely newly released book from Egmount called Little robins Christmas by Jan Fearnley to review and share our thoughts. It book is from 3+ but my two year old daughter loved it too. The 24 page book is picture paperback with fantastic illustrations.

So a week before Christmas and little robin washes and irons his seven vests for the frosty days ahead. Every day he meets a friend that is a bit chilly so he becomes a jolly hero and gives up his vests and shares then ends up with none for himself. Poor Robin is sat freezing on a roof . until Father Christmas comes to the rescue and, as a reward for his kindness takes him back to Mrs Claus that's knits him a magical vest all for himself.

The concept of the story is fantastic and both children, really enjoyed it.

RRP - £6.99

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

WaterSafe UK – the new accreditation body for plumbers.

I think everyone is always aware of dodgy traders aren't they, the new WaterSafe website allows consumers to search for an approved plumber in your area, ensuring that they are getting a safe and competent tradesman to carry out work in your home. By using a properly qualified professional with this scheme, the idea is that they can work together as a nation to drive out unethical plumbers and raise safety standards.

In conjunction with the launch of WaterSafe, they recently conducted a survey with 2,000 consumers to look at the impact rogue traders are having on the plumbing industry with shocking results:

•          Brits have spent a whopping £2.6 billion in the last year fixing plumbing disasters.

•          When choosing a plumber, 69% state cost as the deciding factor

•          23% have been the victim of a rogue plumber, while 23% know someone who has

•          Of those who have been victim of a rogue plumber, the average cost to put it right is £426

•          When looking for a plumber, 68% ask family or friends, 27% ask their neighbour, 25% go on the internet

•          Only 21% go on to check the credentials of their plumber

The WaterSafe website is 

CANParentUK Parenting Classes

After the intial stock of finding out I was pregnant, by the time I get used to the idea knowing my son would be hear in a few weeks it scared me to death. I had been working with children as a job for a little over 6 years with ages of 0-5 years I was still hurled head first in to parenting and jeez it was really hard for me. I had more experience than some other parents is till found it mega hard. The myths the old wives tales, the family members or friends telling you how to bring up or care for your child can be over whelming. 

From the moment you see your child you know you are supposed to love, care and fend for your child forever. So parents are supposed to know all the answers and its supposed to all come naturally, what if it doesn't?  Every parent has to work it out as they go along. Every parent makes mistakes and learns through day to day experience. Mistakes only count if you keep repeating them. Parenting requires understanding, persistence, imagination, energy, knowledge and patience. And all parents need some kind of support. Maybe family, online, heath professionals or even books. Another biggie for me was  family and friends adding ohh let him cry out a bit or stop fussing “don't pick him up all the time as you spoil him” . Is there ever a time when you can spoil a newborn baby really?  Just think how scary it is for them coming in to the world from being all snug and warm to all this faces and pokes from new people.

As I new parent I looked for answers on forums which helped me along on my jounery. A new idea is parenting classes which is something I would of defiantly looked into many years ago. CANparent  a new Government (DfE) initiative aiming at providing high quality parenting classes to support the parenting skills of both mothers and fathers. Check out this video about highlighting a lot of myths you encounter as a parent, they are either engrained in society, or maybe they come is the form of advice from a well-meaning friend or relative.


Being a parent for me is a trial and error, you bring your children up doing the best as you can. They don't come with handbooks and every child is different. I do take on board peoples opinions but I make my own judgement to what's best for them.

Pop over to CANparent facebook page and  “Like” the page for parenting advice from the experts who run the classes. 

" In association with CANparent"

Monday, 18 November 2013

Nails Inc Nail Wraps

I was lucky to win some Nails Inc wraps from the echo falls game on Facebook. Its the first time I've used the wraps ever and apart from being a bit fiddly to put on they look amazing when applied! 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

LEGO Snow, LEGO Snow, LEGO Snow

Giant sized LEGO Snow Globe Unveiled in Covent Garden, London.

Last year it was a huge LEGO Advent Calendar; the year before the world’s largest LEGO Christmas Tree; this year, it’s the world’s first ever super-sized LEGO Snow Globe!

Designed and built by Duncan Titmarsh, the UK’s only Certified LEGO Professional, the impressive structure featuring 120,000 bricks, took him 75 days to build.

Situated in Covent Garden’s famous Piazza, the globe has a distinct London theme, hosting 14 of the UK capital’s most iconic buildings, the tallest being London’s newest landmark, The Shard, which stands proud alongside its neighbours at a towering two metres.  Other buildings include Big Ben, Nelson’s Column, The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and of course, Covent Garden Piazza itself.

Amidst the spectacular cityscape are a number of hidden LEGO Santa Mini Figures, so that Christmas shoppers can take a break from trawling the shops and see how many they can spot and win some LEGO prizes.  They can also press a magic button and watch in delight as the snow starts to fall on the LEGO scene – it will be a white Christmas at the LEGO Snow Globe!


Nail varnish duos from BD and Along Came Betty, exclusively from Tesco Review

If you follow my blog, you will all know I worship nail polish yes ok I'm slightly an addict. Some women love shoes, handbags or chocolate. I'm a collector of nail polish. I was a tad excited to review some gorgeous Nail varnish duos from BD and Along Came Betty, exclusively from Tesco. I'm always excited to use any type of nail polish  and I'm a bit of a sucker for anything that sparkles.

First up was the Along Came Betty Dream Duo in Swag and Dollar - £5.49

Dollar is a multi pearly type colour so when the light catches it it turn another colour. Swag on the other hand is a matte glitter which is stunning.

Next up was Along Came Betty in Dream Duo in Steal and Style £5.49

Steal is multi glitter with small and big glitter bits. I think this would look stunning over a very dark polish to make the glitter stand out.   Style is a striking shiny purple which is very suited to the winter season.Sparkles, glitz and shine is the way forward for the up and coming season and these dynamic duo nail colours are a seasonal sensation! On trend colours for any moment with a two coat nail formula that will last from one night to the next.

BD Nail Duo's £5.00

A glistening set of shades to add a sprinkle of starlit glamour to nails this season.

Gold on Gold is a true way to add a festive touch to any occasion. One has a shimmering finish while the other is a confetti sparkle effect. These can be applied together for a real wow factor or alone for a more understated look. I loved the confetti sprinkle effect I think it adds that bit of glam to a topcoat. The glossy gold is very bling and uplifting.

The Dancing Duo party purples and pinks bring a shot of fun to your look this festive season. Glittering sparkles add the glamour to these colours. Simply apply two coats and the party is yours!

Overall they are great little stocking fillers with amazing colours. I've had them on for three days I only applied two coats of each and I have very minimum slight chips which I'm massively shocked about considering no base or top coats was used. The cute 5ml bottles make them handy for travel or just to slip in to your handbag.

These cute little sets are available now in Tesco stores and online at

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thorntons Christmas Hero

When Thorntons contacted me asking if I wanted to particape in a secret Santa to someone who needed to pick me up or just to say thanks. I struggled with who to pick, I decided with my little sister.

I remember when my mom and dad told me I was gonna be a big sister I was 6 at the time and thought great someone to play with. When she was born I hated her, I didn't like the attention all being on her after all I had it all for nearly 7 years. Growing up I was always lumbered with her from babysitting to taking her out with my friends. We used to argue all the time and she was such a little tell tale. I remember her walking in on me when I was getting changed and she noticing my new belly button piecing, she went up and told my parents straight away. I was grounded for weeks. I've always wondered if it was the huge age gap between us that I thought she was an annoying little sister. As we both grew up we argued and hated each other each more. She would steal my make up and borrow everything without asking.

Since we have grown up and she become an auntie things have changed. Even though I don't see her often as we should, I couldn't imagination her not in my life. I do know that's she only a phone all away. She works hard and long hours and I know she been feeling lonely lately. So I knew this parcel would cheer her right up. It my way of saying thanks for being there. I picked the Thorntons Family night in bundle with a huge collection of chocolate's . She was really surprised when the parcel came and ripped half the box open. haha

The Hamper Contained :
• Original Special Toffee Box (525g)
• Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection (150g)
• Classics Milk Bag (94g)
• Classics Mint Bag (80g)
• Classics Milk Caramel Bag (103g) x2
• Classics Turkish Delight Bag (101g)
• Moments (250g)
• Classics Milk, White, Dark (587g)
• Vanilla Fudge Gift Box (350g)
• Classics Milk Orange Bag (105g)
• Chocolate Smothered Toffi Chocs (135g) 

So little sis, thanks for being you. Love you always!! xxx

Friday, 8 November 2013

Instajunction Framed Print Review

Ok my favourite thing about blogging is finding hidden gem websites I didn't know about. You all know I'm a sucker for personalised items and I was thrilled when I was asked to work with Instajuncation and review an item from there website. I'm always taking pictures on my phone and i forget to upload them or print them out.

A bit about Instajuncation They are a big fan of Instagram taking photos and sharing them with friends, and they like to print stuff. Not just boring stuff you can buy on the high street, but fun and exciting things that you want to carry around and show off to people all day long.

So they brought together all these things we like and know into Instajunction, the greatest place to do something a bit more exiting with all those great looking pictures you've got squirrelled away on Instagram and Facebook. Quite simply, we put your Instagram, From sticker books to coasters, polaroid style cards to wall vinyls. Fantastic quality, speedy delivery anywhere in the world and all at sensible prices.

Even though I've had my Instagram account for a few years I've only recently started using it the magic from transforming pictures is amazing.

We decided on a frame print, Elegant and simple, three classic framed prints offer a stylish way to exhibit your favourite pictures.Hand made 12" x 12" black wooden frames around a premium mount to display pictures in all their glory. Printed on premium gloss card, acrylic glass adds the finishing touch. Choose between 1, 4, 9 or 16 images to display in each frame. my idea was to find 9 snaps of the kids the past two and a half years to capture them growing up. From the first time my son saw his baby sister to them curling up on the sofa watching a movie. I've reviewed quite a few personalised items and sometimes they can be fiddly and time consuming. The magic of this is a simple click to log into account and click on the photos. I had completed and checked out within five Minutes. So simple and easy.

The print arrived and its stunning beautiful, I absolutely loved the effect of my chosen photos. The piece is magics and a great keepsake of the past two years.

These prints would be fantastic for special days like weddings, birthdays and even Christmas. Instajunction have a wide range of gifts perfect for the Christmas season coming up.

I also have a 25% off code FRIEND25DV for my readers on any orders placed up until the 8th December 2013. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Near You

A toy store near you is to have a ‘Turtles-tastic’ visit from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Saturday 9th NovemberSaturday 16th November and Saturday 23rd November!
With photographic opportunities and the chance to win big with a national competition, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be supporting fab toy stores near you over a three week period. Check out the schedule below to see when you can visit!
This Saturday, Donatello and Michelangelo will be in store at Smyths Friern Barnet from11:00am where kids will be able to have their photographs taken with the Turtle duo. Plus, unique coded postcards will be handed out during the event for a chance to win a visit from all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their Shellraiser vehicle, Flair toys including playsets, vehicles and figures as well as on-the-day gifts of tattoos and bandanas.
For your chance to win big with the Turtles or just for a fun activity with the kids head on over too.

John Lewis - Bluewater for 10am - 10:40am where Michelangelo and Donatello will be appearing

Smyths - Friern Barnet for 11am - 11:30am12pm - 12:30pm and1pm - 1:30pm where Leonardo and Raphael will be appearing

The Entertainer - Lakeside for 12:30pm - 1pm and 1:30pm - 2pmwhere Michelangelo and Donatello will be appearing

Toys R Us - Thurrock from 3:30pm - All four turtles will be appearing until 5pm!!

Don't worry if you can't make these visits as there are more to come on the 16th November and the 23rd November!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Kensington Church Street Snowflake & OMP by fabulous Nails inc Swatches

This weeks nails are OMP by fabulous which was a freebie and its a lovely neon pinky! On my ring finger is the gorgeous Kensington Church Street Snowflake. So pretty!   

Formoline L112 Giveaway

      Need to lose a few lbs for the Christmas party? There’s still time thanks to formoline L112 If you’re worrying whether there’s still time to squeeze into your favourite LBD before the festivities begin, then formoline L112 can lend a helping hand. Germany’s number 1 slimming product, formoline L112 is a certified Class lll medical device.


      But this is no ordinary slimming pill. This is a practical ‘engineering’ solution to an essentially simple but persistent problem: if you consume more energy than you need for your body to function, your body stores the excess as fat. So to lose weight or prevent weight gain you need to reverse that equation.


      formoline L112 helps you do just that. By using a naturally derived fibre that binds with fats, formoline reduces the overall calorie intake from food by removing a significant proportion of dietary fats at source, in the stomach.


      The fibre is entirely inert, none is metabolised, and it passes safely through the system with the bound fats, removing them from your body before they are digested.

      Results show a possible weight loss of 7kg over a 4-week period.


      formoline L112 can be used as part of a systematic weight loss programme or as an occasional use product when it isn’t possible to count calories, such as when on holiday or when dining with friends, and will help you to manage your overall intake of fat and fat-derived calories.


      formoline L112 is an award-winning, trusted slimming product that has graced the headlines in Germany (for all the right reasons), for more than twelve years. German users have learned to adapt their use of formoline L112 according to their circumstances and it is used as much by those trying to maintain their weight as those trying to lose excess weight. Now it’s time for slimmers in the UK to employ a little “weight loss durch Technik!”


      Formoline L112 costs £24.95 for 48 tablets and is available from pharmacies and health food shops nationwide, or online at . Call 02890 703100 for your nearest stockist.

       I have been given 10 packets (48 tablets per pack) of formoline L112 to giveaway to 10 winners. As well as a £10.00 money-off voucher for every reader to spend on formoline online at Simply type in SLIM112 when prompted at the checkout.
 Please see the rafflecopter below to see how you can win.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Go Downton With Along Came Betty Make Up Exclusively At Tesco

As Downton Abbey returns to the small screen for its fourth series, the leading ladies of the house are looking as fabulous as ever in true understated, 20’s glamour. With rosy cheeks and flawless skin, you can recreate their natural beauty with these top tips from make-up artist Abby Ireland and Along Came Betty, exclusively at Tesco.

I have previously saw the bath and body range and i was sent some lovely along came betty make up to test and review. First of all the packing, i love the 1950s old school packing its lush! i like how the range is adforable for everyone starting at £4.66. Im in the process of updating my make up as my daughter decided to smashed everything up in mine ( sad times) so i was thrilled to try this out. We was sent a its eye time palette in glamour eyes and a dare to define jumbo eye liner. 

I'm a fan off dark colours so the palette was great for me. the eyeshadow when on well and stayed on for a good amount of time.

The jumbo eyeliner is huge its like a massive felt tip pen I've always struggled with eyeliner as i have wobbly hands and can never get it on straight. After a few tries i manged to get this on pretty well and love the effect of how easy it is to use.

The 1920s turned a corner for glamour and smoky eye make-up and natural tones became the way to be seen. To achieve this look try It’s Eye Time Eye Palette in Glamour Eyes (£6.99), with a hint of aubergine and navy. Finish with Dare to Define Jumbo Eye Liner (£4.99) for added drama.

For beautiful candlelit opaque skin

For your first step create a fine film of Prime of Your Life (£6.99) over your face. Next apply a smooth layer of Absolutely Flawless Foundation (£8.99) over the primer avoiding the eye area, using your fingertips. Finish with All Concealed Concealer (£5.99) to diminish any dark shadows and blemishes, set the areas with a dusting of finishing powder for a flawless finish.

For luscious red lips

Red lips are a must for this decade and the Double Whammy in So Betty (£4.66) sheer texture lip colour is the one to wear. The truly timeless look is perfect for the Autumn season to bring some colour to grey days. The red lipstick and gloss combo is ideal to pop into handbags or evening clutches, simply dab on and blot! For a matte look, use solely the stick or team with the gloss to be sure to steal the show.

To finish and perfect the look, apply a small amount of Fix Me Quick Mattifier (£6.99) directly to the T-zone and gently blend with the fingertips for a flawless matte look.

The Along Came Betty cosmetics, skincare and bathing ranges are available exclusively at Tesco, both online and in store. To view the full range of fabulous products, visit or head to your local store.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Draw With Me November - This Mummy Loves

This Mummy Loves is back with the 4th edition of Draw With Me.  Its a great opportunity to get children involved in drawing. Each month there is a new topic, so the children have a chance to go wild with there imagination. This months topic is " Toys  " As a keen moshi monster fan he decided to design his own moshi monster called "RadioQueen". 

This Mummy Loves...

Beatrix New York Tablet Case Review

Ok anyone who knows me, will know my IPad is my 3rd child. It goes everywhere and anywhere will me. So you can Imagination my excitement when I got offered to review a super cute Beatrix New York Tablet Case. I choose the most girly and pink case with a cute picture of an owl. 

The case is very good quality with features padding for extra protection perfect for people who travel, it can easily be packed away and popped in a suitcase or handbag. The inside has a silky velvet lining and is water resistant so if anything leaks in your suitcase your tablet will be safe or if a little monster knocks your coffee over all will be safe. The case is easy clean and is wipeable. They are also PVC free, Phthalate free, BPA free & lead free. 

The case has fantastic detail and I love the silicone zip pulls which make it easier to close and open the case. There is also a name and number label on the back just incase you ever misplace it. 

The case fits any tablet up to 10.1 including :

iPad mini
Google Nexus 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Sony Xperia Tablet Z
Nook HD
Nook HD+
Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HD 8.9
Asus Fonepad
Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C
Lenova IdeaTab A3000
Lenova IdeaTab S6000
Acer Iconia A1-810
Acer Iconia W3-810
Versus Touch Tab DC. 8
Versus Touch Tab DC. 10.1

RRP is £29.99 and is available at John Lewis Stores, perfect for a stocking filler or any tablet obsessed people.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Dalmart Grey Round Necked Sweater Review

I was thrilled to be asked to review a sweater from Dalmart. As you all know I've dropped three dress sizes so my wardrobe is very limited. I've never came across Dalmart before after browsing the website there is so much choice to chose from. What's special about Dalmart is some of there products are thermal products but with a twist.

Damart developed and patented Thermolactyl, a unique man-made fibre now renowned for its ability to provide warmth without lots of bulky layers. Launching this exciting, revolutionary new brand and product range from a mail order base, Damart quickly became known across the European retail marketplace, as did there growing collection of exciting products - from dresses to skirts, tops to trousers, nightwear to underwear, there famous thermals plus a great selection of home and garden products. Damart's everyday thermals are graded from the warmest at grade 5 to the lightest grade 1. The grade you need depends on the weather conditions, your level of activity and your own personal preference.

I choose the lovely grey round necked sweater in a grey. I thought it is perfect for the cool autumn season. It's very versatile and could be dressed up with black trousers or dressed down with a pair of jeans. It has a thermal/wool mix 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool for exceptional warmth and can be layered with a long sleeved top or a knitted cardigan. 

The top us very soft, light to wear and breathable. Its has a gold sparkly effect on the collar, sleeves and bottom of the top with adds a bit if glam to it. The added detailing to the top is lovely, like the pattern hole on the sleeves and the bottom of the top gives it a lovely ribbed pattern effect. 

The top is machine washable and washed really well stayed in shape and still felt soft. The Darmart round neck sweater is available in Ruby or Grey and Is priced at £35. Length of the top is 64cm (25 inch) approx.

Damart’s thermal range is celebrating a 60th year of production and you can join in the celebrations  Click Here

Trick Or Treat - My Little Monsters

My cheeky monsters all dressed up to go trick or treating last night.