Friday, 18 October 2013

What To Do When Your Expecting...

For me one of the things that has been a massive challenge is motherhood.when you are expecting you don't realise the sleepless nights, being exusted 24/7 and for me the loneliness. I don't think you realise how daunting it is until baby arrives. Its all great at first while your pregnant the scans, shopping trips and getting everything ready. I was never quite ready with my son after finding out at 26weeks. I remember looking at him on the night after he came into the world and thinking wow, he is all mine.

One of the things that kept me myself was total strangers, yes online websites and forums. I found it hard losing my identity and becoming Raiden's mom. Online forums can be great for connecting with other mums, somewhere to look at facts, problems and let off a bit of steam.

Early this year launched in the UK was . Heidi Murkoff the author of the what to expect book was over in the UK to promote the launch of the site. They have many features on the site, one of which is the ovulation calculator and a due date calculator. From pregnancy to toddlers you can share and join in conversations on the forum. Pop over and see for yourself, they also have facebook and twitter sites too.

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