Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Snowflake The White Gorilla DVD Review

We all to love to snuggle on the sofa as a family and watch a movie together. With some hot popcorn and a duvet. We was sent Snowflake the white gorilla DVD to watch.

Snowflake isn't an ordinary gorilla he's a special one of a kind white gorilla. His snow-white fur has set her apart from other gorillas since the day he was born, Now, far away from his homeland of Guinea, he lives in Barcelona Zoo, where he is the most popular attraction - with everyone except the other gorillas that is! They can’t see what’s so special about him.

But Snowflake has a plan. Along with his friend Ailur, a Buddhist black panther reincarnated into the body of a red panda, and Paula, a bright little girl, Snowflake plans a sneak visit to a powerful witch. She can help her get what he wants more than anything; to be a normal gorilla. Snowflake unites a star studded voice cast including David Spade (Grown Ups), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and Janette McCurdy (Malcolm in the Middle).

We loved the lovable snowflake, who just wants to be normal like his friends. He hates being different to everyone else. But when they are thrown in to danger outside the zoo, Thomas, a total jinx, is convinced that the white gorilla is the amulet he needs to counter his bad luck. This cruel and superstitious man is prepared to do whatever it takes to capture Snowflake. The film is fantastic and the kids really enjoyed watching snowflake and his friends not their adventure.

The Adventure Starts… on DVD and Blu-ray on 7th October

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