Monday, 28 October 2013

gNappies New Designs For This Season

gNappies is committed to creating a world where conventional nappies no longer exist. In 2005 gNappies introduced the disposable inserts that can be composted. The inserts tuck inside gorgeous looking, thoughtfully-designed nappy covers that have helped gNappies one of the most respected baby brands on the market.

Welcome in the cooler weather with the new season grand tartan limited edition design from gNappies. The checked design. The checked design is good for Hogmanay and festive cheer. 

While the rock gPant is perfect for parties with its metallic silver and pink design as the season of fun commences. 

The gNappies autumn collection is available on , and selected retailers across Europe and North America. 

Check out the new stylish prints from gNappies this season.

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