Sunday, 20 October 2013

Draw With Me October - This Mummy Loves

This Mummy Loves is back with the 3rd edition of Draw with me. Its a great opportunity to get children involved  in drawing. Each month there is a new topic, so the children have a chance to go wild with there imagination. This months topic is " Halloween " Raiden decided to go with a black sky, with a zombie spider ( eeeeeeekkk) with a fire breathing zombie snake and a zombie Pikmin. Think he is a tad zombie obsessed haha!

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This Mummy Loves...


  1. What a great picture Raiden! My kids are a bit Zombie obsessed too... no idea where it comes from though :)

    Thanks for taking part x

  2. Love it, my son and daughter are both obsessed with zombies which is weird because we have never watched anything with it in! Great picture.