Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Could A Dishwasher Save Your Marriage?

One of my pets hates is washing up, its one of those things that's never ending isn't it.

• Parents living in the Midlands argue about washing up more than any other household chore.

• The strangest things Brits admit to putting in their dishwashers include fresh fish, clothes and car engine parts.

• Beko’s six litre dishwasher uses 80% less water than hand-washing to clean an entire load.

Of all the unsavoury cleaning chores on our list, it is the everyday grind of washing up that causes the most grief in Midlands households. More parents argue about cleaning the dishes (18%) than any other household task and the majority of them claim to do more than their fair share, with twenty six per cent of women in the UK saying their partner does no chores around the house.   Beko Household Helpers Census reveals that people living in the Midlands spend an average of an hour a week washing up but think that their partner gets away with only spending half an hour a week or less.

George Mead, Beko marketing manager comments: “It’s astonishing to find that washing up is the number one cause of arguments for parents and surely begs the question: how many marriages perhaps could have been saved with the purchase of a dishwasher? Twenty years ago a dishwasher was a luxury item but as they have become more affordable, both to buy and run, this perception is waning, although still only 40% of Brits own a dishwasher. Our Beko Household Helpers Census has shown that people in the Midlands spend nearly fifteen hours a week on chores, an hour of which is spent on washing up. Meanwhile, those with a dishwasher only spend half an hour a week loading and unloading it, helping to save them half an hour every week, not to mention countless arguments!”

Family expert Neil Sinclair (AKA Commando Dad) adds: “I’m not completely surprised that the Beko Household Helpers Census , has revealed that a quarter of Midlands mums (24%) feel immense pressure to maintain the perfect home and many state they feel like a failure if everyday jobs, in particular the washing up, aren’t done. I’m sure many busy mums can relate to this stressful need to balance a job, family and a clean home. It’s important to talk to our partners and children to share the load and there is of course some fantastic new technology available to help ease a little of the strain.”

Beko’s lowest ever water consumption dishwasher with an A+ energy rating will help keep utility bills down and save you time too. Using just six litres of water to clean an entire load which is up to 80% less than hand washing, this model represents a very savvy household investment.

• The Midlands is a region of very unhelpful teenagers! 27% of 16-18 year olds in the region think that washing up is mum’s responsibility and the majority of them (26%) don’t give their parents any help with the dishes.

• Despite this, 70% of people in the Midlands learn how to wash the dishes by the age of ten.

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