Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Capsters Review

You know we are rather crafty and I love to have one to one times with Raiden to do activites. we was sent a rather cool product from hobbycraft called capsters.

Basically its a new cool idea to jazz and turn bottle caps in to trendy items. Included in the pack is 15 bottle caps, glaze solution, 10 plastic charms, plastic gems, google eyes, glitter, over 150 punch out art, lanyard clips and a book with loads of ideas on how you can design your capsters.

It was pretty easy to use and you pick up a bottle cap, add some glaze. Pick out a punched out art card, place in then add the glitter, gems or charms you want then cover in the glaze. Overnight the glaze will dry into a super-shiny, clear, hard coating. The glaze is super strong smelling and if gets on hands you have to scrub them super hard to get it off.

Raiden loved this and he was very eager to do the whole lot in in one go, he enjoyed looking at all the punch outs and picking which ones he wanted to do. You can add the capsters to anything clothes, bags, cards, keyrings. The world is your capster! Great fun for little hands.

For ages 8 and up RRP is £12.99 and you can buy extra bottle tops and charms from the klutz website.

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