Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wingman- 3 in 1 Multi Gel Review

Very rare I get something for the other half to test and try out. The bathroom is always bursting with different products for him, me and the Kids.

We got sent a bottle of wingman which is a 3 in 1 Multi Gel bottle ( shampoo, shave gel & body wash) pretty nifty all in one bottle isn't it. Which is now available exclusively at Tesco and is £3.49 a bottle.

Wingman was the brain child of Stuart Jolley, star of Britain's Next Big Thing, and has been designed to make your life that little bit easier. Wingman cleanses like an invigorating shower gel and shampoo, yet also provides moisturising aloe vera to deliver a super close shave. 3 in 1 and job done!

Wingman 3 In 1 Jet Wash Multi-Gel comes in three manly varieties- Jetfuel, Boom and Charge:

·         Jetfuel is for the real man in all of us. Speed, raw power and burning rubber give an adrenaline rush like nothing else. Welcome to the fast lane. ( wood, spice and aviation fuel)

·         It's not easy being the party animal all the time. Fresh Boom ensures you always bring your game. ( spearmint and peppermint)

 Nobody wants a boring life. Life should be an incredible adventure, every step of the way. Charge  is for those who always live the dream. ( grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and coconut)

The other half liked the scent, he said it lathered up nice leaving you clean and soft. He was happy with it as a shower gel and shampoo and is something he would buy in the future. Its great for travelling and going to the gym as it will save you carrying another two bottles with you.

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