Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Upcycle Old Hairslides - Cute As A Button Style

Anyone else have tired looking hairslides, paint chipped of old glue bits left where there was once a pretty bow or flat back character. I'm not sure if they fall off or are pulled off, nothing would surprise me.

I've found a simple and effect way to upcycle old slides, because really they  don't come cheap these days to buy new if they are gonna get lost or ruined.

What you will need : 
Strong glue

I started off with picking the old paint and glue off so there is a flat surface. I put a blob of strong glue on and placed buttons on the tip, pressed and left to dry. Make sure you only put as much as you need on, as if you put two much on it will stick the clip together and you won't be a&e to open it.

I had the items already but you can buy clips and buttons for £1/£2 on eBay and you could make 25/30 clips. I also thought these are a perfect stocking filler or great cheap gifts for party bags. 

What do you think? 

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