Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Skwooshi Review

We was delighted to be a sent a brand new product from Flair called Skwooshi to try and test out, as you all know we are fans of anything sensory or messy play.

Swooshi is a soft  mouldable compound that never dries out like dough products can. It is pretty much mess free and easy to pick up of the floor it doesn't stick in to the carpet. you can create amazing shapes, characters,  construct with it, or make the very cool pathways or roads,  be as creative as you want to be. It can be Played with on any surface. It comes in its own containers so its easy to store and to take on the go to friends or families. 

The set comes with four cutters, 1 cutting tool, 4 activity tools  which make pretty patterns in the Skwooshi. So rolling, building, shaping and layering is easy and simple to do. The playset comes with three different colours, it does say ten available colours so there must be different colours in every set.  It is also Wheat and Gluten free

The kids both loved playing with the Skwooshi it kept them entertained for ages.

 Its a funny feeling when its broken it goes all gooey in your hand like cornflower does. The kids enjoyed pulling it apart over and over again. We really like the Skwooshi, its definitely been put on the Christmas list. 

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