Sunday, 1 September 2013

Kapow Customs Gremiln Custom Converse

I came across kapow customs from one one my facebook friends liking a picture of some converse boots and I thought wow! After liking the page some pretty awesome custom converse was being uploaded and I knew I had to have a pair. At first I was a little uneasy of what I wanted I knew it had to be an unique custom pair which was a celebration of me being 30th this year and my birthday present to me. At first I was thinking 80s, ghostbusters, back to the future etc, but I actually thought they may look too busy all on one boot. So I settled for gremlins, everyone knows who Gizmo is and apart from Goonies ( Hey you Guysssss) it was pretty much my favourite film. I had booked them  in back in may and I got the message last week to say they was being started on. Whooooppp!

So here they are, my gorgeous, utterly cool custom converse. I've looked them so much I've put a deposit down on another custom pair. The detail is amazing, and there had already been a huge hit on the Kapow customs page. 

To check out Andy's work pop over to his facebook page and see his designs. 

* Please note these are all my own words and I have not been paid or received the boots for free, I brought them myself* 

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