Saturday, 14 September 2013

How Smurfs Took Over My Life

When Smurfs came out on DVD two years ago. Raiden was not at all in interested in the whole smurf takeover. Considering smurfs are over 100 years old, they have always been a popular figure, gosh I remember watching them when I was small. I don't remember smurfette looking so fierce though, look at the change! 

So the past eight weeks, I've had tears & tantrums. Why, oh yes McDonald's  smurfs they have been the bane of my life! Normally Raiden has a happy meal once in a while its not something I generally like him eating. So what happened when he opened the box and there was a shiny blue thing looking back... Yes he made it his mission to collect all 16! Urghhh.

I've begged friends, conned family in to getting them. Asked on local selling groups and swapped a heap to get the 16. Its been hard work, but we did it and we happily have every one. 

Personally I would never like to see a blue smurf again! What kids make us do. 

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