Friday, 13 September 2013

How Did Our Something Special Party Go?

Yesterday was our first time hosting a twitter party. We was picked as one of the 24 hosts to hold a something special party with

The odds wasn't in our favour as four off our guests got rather spotty with chickenpox, which quite funny came in with the theme. 

We got a stack of goodies to give out as prizes and they ate loads, we made spotty cakes and spotty jelly which went down like wildfire! All the children loved the something special toy range, there favourite was the Mr tumble fuzzy felt. Seeing him in a tutu and his underpants gave them all a chuckle! Lots of dancing to the Something special Cd which went down a great hit. The memory bag was a hit and they added there own extra things in too. 

They enjoyed sticking the nose on my tumble ( or the wall) haha. Best of all was seeing there faces opening a layer of pass the parcel, there was sweets, magazines, DVDs & games. They was super thrilled to be taking so many stickers & toys home. Also packed they was packed off with mr tumble cake and goody bags. 

It was hard work, trying to entertain the children, tweeting and taking pictures. I didn't manage alot of pictures and I wasn't sure if I was coming or going! 

My daughter has taken the giant Mr Tumble everywhere today and took herself and him to bed at 7pm last night. A super all round success! 

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