Monday, 16 September 2013

Birmingham National Sealife Centre

On Saturday we was invited the the Birmingham National Sealife Centre. As Poppycat is featuring there so children and parents can enjoy story reading sessions based on ‘ALL ABOARD’ adventures. They can also be healthy and dance along to an energetic “Copy Poppy” routine, which encourages families to mimic the costume characters’ movements including the popular dance move, ‘the swim’, in time with the Poppy Cat theme tune. 

I've been a few times and I find it utterly amazing. Back when I was in senior school all I wanted to do was be a marine biologist. I adored dolphins and whales and when I was younger i would collect anything and everything to do with them. There has always been a massive problem, I really hate sharks. They make me queasy just thinking about them. I've been to the sealife centre and I'm so nervous as you have to walk though a tunnel surrounded by them eeeekkk! 

After setting off rather late we arrived at the sealife centre and was given a tour map and quest sheets these are activities that the kids find and strach off when they find the right answer, it s a fun way of finding out new facts about marine life. 

There is so much to look at and see. There is a pool when you can touch a starfish, it was really soft! I like how you can go at your own pace there doesn't need to be any rushing and it was pretty quiet in there too so you could stop and see everything.

Lexie was pretty amazed with all the different things to see, I loved how they was all children's height so they can see. Or push there faces up on to the glass to give whatever in there a fright! Lol 

There is a short 4D Spongebob movie which my son utterly enjoyed, he loved getting squirted by the water.  My favourite was the seahorses they look so pretty all curled up & twirled around.  We had so much fun look at all the different sealife and Raiden was able to take pictures too.  It is a good walk around and is pushchair friendly, there is also a buggy park when you can leave your buggies too if you didnt want to lug it around. 

Raiden and Lexie completed there sealife quest and was given a cool little medal which I thought was a really nice touch.

We had a good walk looking at everything then whisked up stairs to meet poppycat for a very deserved sit down while the kids did some dancing then chilled out for storytime. 

We was there just a little over two hours, there is lots to see and do at the sealife centre. Including a soft play area upstairs. Which is great if you fancied a quick coffee after walking around.

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