Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bento Mealtime Set From Munchkin Review

I often thought about tubs for lunches, but they can take a huge amount of room up in a lunch-bag. They normally aren't compacted enough for us to use. I often use half a roll of cling film each morning covering his lunches ups each morning as he has added extras like strawberries,  cucumber and tomatoes. 

I was thrilled to be asked to review the Bento mealtime set from Munchkin. It comes in three colours Pink, Blue & Green and It keeps food separate and fresh so sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt's and other items can all be stored neatly and compactly in one place. The unique Click Lock  lid ensures a secure seal so food is kept fresh with no spills, no mess and no stress! This eight piece set is the perfect feeding accessory for school, days out and visiting family.  

What's cool about this is that its a massive space saver as its all there in one tub. Its comes with a big compartment for sandwiches. Two recoverable containers, which are great for snacks and added extras. there is a spoon and fork in the lid so they will never get lost or forgotten about. As you can see it fits in perfect with extra space for a lunch bottle fr water and enough room for crisps on top.

 The entire Bentoset is microwavable and freezer safe making it ideal to grow with baby from early weaning up to toddler meals. 

Perfect for back to school next week, I feel this is gonna saves me a fortune in cling film and I will never forget the spoon for his yogurt again hehe

RRP is  £7.99 &  For stockists visit 

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