Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Balloon Bouquet From Balloon Baboon Review

This year I wanted to do something unique for my mom's birthday, the kids did a selection of handmade gifts and a cake. She gets the same gifts though the year very expensive body lotion and perfume so we wanted to do something different but with a bit of a wow factor.

We got offered to review a balloon bouquet from balloon baboon. I was pretty shocked when I opened the door and the postman was standing there with a huge box. It was really lightweight but the box was massive. The box got made into a car by the kids, so it was recycled too haha

We got sent the stunning flower display and the detail was amazing. There was a selection of different coloured flowers bunched up. 

The base had been filled with water so it was able to stand up without toppling over. There was a huge pink box around it with kept it all together and added in to the detail. 

With it comes a little balloon baboon with a card with an added message on which is super cute. I think its absolutely fantastic as a gift and is so unique too.

My mum was so happy with the balloon bouquet she was amazed how much detail there was on there. The bouquet is priced at £17.95 plus delivery, which for a good bunch if flowers you would be paying £25 plus. I think for the whole gift idea and for something that amazing its worth the money.

The website has something for everyone the choice is unbelievable considering they are all made from balloons. My daughter would love the Mickey Mouse on there! Pop over here and see for yourself the great selection balloon baboon have to offer.


  1. Oh my! Balloons?! YES PLEASE!!! And to review? Awesome!!! That bouquet is gorgeous. Why have I never thought of sending a bouquet of balloons before?!
    Lovely review, thanks for sharing (and for the idea).

  2. what a brilliant alternative to flowers!