Friday, 6 September 2013

A Top Unique Handmade Canvas Gift For Under £4

A personalised handmade gift, with precious memories for under £4.  So Simple and easy to do from any age. If you anything like me and have glue and paint in already, these will only cost you a canvas and buttons. 

What you will need :

Small Canvas ( or big whichever you prefer) I got mine from the Poundland for just £1
Poster paints - Mine was £1 each from The Early Learning Centre.
Buttons - I got mine from eBay a huge pack for only £1. 
A bit of glue to stuck the buttons on.
Empty toilet roll tube.

It pretty simple, I used three colours in blocks to make a cool effect. You simply paint the feet and press outwards on the canvas, leave a slight gap so you can paint in the butterflies body. 

Next I curled up a toilet tube to print little hearts on the canvas. Once all dry stick buttons In between to give it a 3D effect. Then paint in the butterfly's body.

Ta-da a gorgeous perfect present, great for nannies and mummies! Plus they will make great gifts for Christmas too! 

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