Sunday, 29 September 2013

WARNING If You Use Ariel Liquidtabs - Please Read!!

As some of you know I'm a soapnut addict, I have been for a few years now. I buy washing powder every few months, as I like to wash the bedcovers in it. Soapnuts just doesn't do that clean fresh bed feeling. I saw the post on supersavvyme / savvycircle about the new Ariel liquid tablets and I applied as i had never used a liquid tab before and was eager to see what the fuss was about.

We got the product and overall was really pleased, until I thought the undoable would happen. While I had gone to collect my son, my other half was looking after my daughter. While he was getting dressed he heard a piecing scream, to find my 2 year old daughter had used the washing machine to climb up and get to the box. The tablet had burst right into her eyes, covering most of the left side of her face. Resulting in Hysterics of screaming and crying as she was in so much pain. After rinsing her eyes under cold water we took her up to A&E which resulted her having two bags of saline solution rinsed though her eyes. Watching your child getting pinned down by your other half and three other nurses while screaming for everyone to stop is utter heartbreaking.

We woke up this morning to her one eye completely swollen and stuck together. We arrived at A&E to have her one eye rinsed again and a yellow dye to be added in to her eye so the doctor could see if there was any damage. The doctor found an abrasion and sent us to an eye specialist to the other side of town. Where again the eye was rinsed and accessed with a lot of drops and lights. Bearing in mind my daughter is only two years out and its a lot to take in she has been a solider thought out all this! We was told she has a scratch on her eye and has to be assessed every 24 hours to make sure it heals and there is no infection. We have been sent home with antibiotics four times a day and a thick cream which has to be applied when she is sleeping to give the best chance of there being no permanent damage to her eye.

I've been told today that  liquidtab chemicals can do more damage than having bleach go in your eye. I find this strange as a bottle of bleach has a safely cap and a box of Ariel tabs has a simple flip up lid???

Please please if you use this liquidtabs, always make sure they are in a locked cupboard away from any danger. These things are dangerous around children and should not be left out even if you think they are out of reach! 

Chicken with Lemons, Caperberries, halkidiki & kalamata olives - Fragata Review

I'm always looking for yummy things to try we got sent a selection of Fragata goodies to test out. 

Fragata's Story

Back in 1897, Don Santiago Camacho Roman founded a family business in Seville to produce olive oils. As with all Spaniards, Don Santiago’s home in the sunny Andalucían region of Spain was never without the humble Spanish olive. It was his passion to share Spain’s most delicious olives with others, and so, in 1925, the Fragata Spanish Olive brand was brought to life.
More than 86 years on and Fragata Spanish Olives are now sold across the world and remain a firm favourite and kitchen staple for millions of Spanish families. What’s more, they stick to their roots. A family-run business to this day – now in the fourth generation – the company proudly retains its olive traditions established in 1897.
The ‘Manzanilla’ and ‘Queen’ olives are still picked ‘ordeño’ (by hand) when they’re perfectly ripe from the very same olive groves Don Santiago harvested, and collected in a padded, esparto basket called a ‘macaco’. This centuries old technique ensures the olives are in perfect condition when they reach Fragata customers worldwide.
Fragata Spanish Olives can be used in hundreds of different ways to create authentic Mediterranean dishes and mouthwatering tapas. What better way to create a unique culinary cornet of Spain in your own home – go on, Savour the Flavour of Spain! 
So here is one of the things we made with the items :

Pitted halkidiki & kalamata olives
Olive stuffed with anchovy

I decided on a Chicken with Lemons, Caperberries, halkidiki & kalamata olives.

Ingredients :

1 lemon
olive oil
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
black pepper (fresh ground, to taste)
1/2 cup  halkidiki & kalamata olive
4 tbsps capers
chicken stock
fresh parsley (chopped)

First of all I cut the lemon in small slices and roasted them under the grill. I pan fried the chicken breasts in olive oil and black pepper to it started to go brown. I added the chicken stock, halkidiki/kalamata olives and capers. I let simmer for around 8 minutes then added the parsley and cooked for about another 2 minutes then serve.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chocolate Crazy Birthday Cake

It was my moms birthday this week so we decided to make her an unique cake. We started off with mixing the ingredients for two sponge cakes.

250g/8oz butter or margarine, softened
250g/8oz caster sugar
4 medium eggs
250g/8oz self raising flour


300g icing sugar , sifted
100g unsalted butter
40g cocoa powder
40ml whole milk

Preheat I've to gas mark 4 .

Add the sugar and butter together, add eggs & flour. Mix together until its a thick non lumpy constancy . Spread evenly between two tins the same size. Smooth over.

Bake for about 15/20 mins, leave to cook on a wire baking rack.

While the cakes are cooling add the butter and cocoa powder, sift the icing sugar and add the milk a bit at a time. Make sure its pretty thick so it spreads on ok.

When cool place one of the cakes on a plate and add chocolate frosting in the middle. Place the other cake upside down and cover completely with the frosting.

Once covered break the kitkats in to twos and stick on to the side until they are all the way around. Add sweets to centre, for decortaion add ribbon around and candles.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wingman- 3 in 1 Multi Gel Review

Very rare I get something for the other half to test and try out. The bathroom is always bursting with different products for him, me and the Kids.

We got sent a bottle of wingman which is a 3 in 1 Multi Gel bottle ( shampoo, shave gel & body wash) pretty nifty all in one bottle isn't it. Which is now available exclusively at Tesco and is £3.49 a bottle.

Wingman was the brain child of Stuart Jolley, star of Britain's Next Big Thing, and has been designed to make your life that little bit easier. Wingman cleanses like an invigorating shower gel and shampoo, yet also provides moisturising aloe vera to deliver a super close shave. 3 in 1 and job done!

Wingman 3 In 1 Jet Wash Multi-Gel comes in three manly varieties- Jetfuel, Boom and Charge:

·         Jetfuel is for the real man in all of us. Speed, raw power and burning rubber give an adrenaline rush like nothing else. Welcome to the fast lane. ( wood, spice and aviation fuel)

·         It's not easy being the party animal all the time. Fresh Boom ensures you always bring your game. ( spearmint and peppermint)

 Nobody wants a boring life. Life should be an incredible adventure, every step of the way. Charge  is for those who always live the dream. ( grapefruit, lemon, mandarin and coconut)

The other half liked the scent, he said it lathered up nice leaving you clean and soft. He was happy with it as a shower gel and shampoo and is something he would buy in the future. Its great for travelling and going to the gym as it will save you carrying another two bottles with you.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Balloon Bouquet From Balloon Baboon Review

This year I wanted to do something unique for my mom's birthday, the kids did a selection of handmade gifts and a cake. She gets the same gifts though the year very expensive body lotion and perfume so we wanted to do something different but with a bit of a wow factor.

We got offered to review a balloon bouquet from balloon baboon. I was pretty shocked when I opened the door and the postman was standing there with a huge box. It was really lightweight but the box was massive. The box got made into a car by the kids, so it was recycled too haha

We got sent the stunning flower display and the detail was amazing. There was a selection of different coloured flowers bunched up. 

The base had been filled with water so it was able to stand up without toppling over. There was a huge pink box around it with kept it all together and added in to the detail. 

With it comes a little balloon baboon with a card with an added message on which is super cute. I think its absolutely fantastic as a gift and is so unique too.

My mum was so happy with the balloon bouquet she was amazed how much detail there was on there. The bouquet is priced at £17.95 plus delivery, which for a good bunch if flowers you would be paying £25 plus. I think for the whole gift idea and for something that amazing its worth the money.

The website has something for everyone the choice is unbelievable considering they are all made from balloons. My daughter would love the Mickey Mouse on there! Pop over here and see for yourself the great selection balloon baboon have to offer.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Q Pootle 5 New Episodes & Giveaway

Q Pootle 5, the friendly little alien who first appeared in the best-selling books by the hugely popular children’s author and illustrator Nick Butterworth, has made the leap from page to screen. Creative and resourceful, Q Pootle 5 and his friends find fun and adventure wherever they go, with stories that will spark children’s imaginations everywhere!

Out there amongst the millions and billions of stars is a little planet called Okidoki. You might be able to see it if you look very closely...along the Milky Way, just past the Gold Top Nebula. This magical planet provides the perfect playground for a friendly little alien called
Q Pootle 5.

Join Q Pootle 5 and his friends Oopsy, Eddi, Stella, Ray, Groobie, Bud-D and Planet Dave, as they tackle the everyday problems of the final frontier.

There’s never a dull moment on Okidoki. Stranded on Crumbly Moon? Help is at hand. A planet with a temperature? No problem. A party hat for a two-headed friend? They’ll find one that fits  or maybe two!

Friendship is at the heart of the series. With fun and engaging stories, and rich and nuanced characters, space is a fun place to be with Q Pootle 5.

You can catch Q Pootle 5 Weekdays on CBeebies from Monday 23rd September at

You can get more updates on Q Pootle 5 via its Facebook page at

To celebrate the new episodes I’ve got a Q Pootle 5 book to giveaway.

Entry via Rafflecopter widget below : 

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Peanut Butter Mini Rock Cakes

What you will need : 

8 tbsp plain flour
2 tbsp caster sugar
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 egg yolk
50g  butter, softened

Place the flour, sugar, peanut butter, egg yolk and butter into a large bowl and mix together until combined to a  dough. Break  evenly sized pieces of the dough and roll into little balls.

Place the dough balls onto a baking sheet lined baking paper and gently press each ball to flatten slightly.

Place in the oven and bake for ten minutes on gas mark 4. 

My New Look Wishlist

If your a reader of my blog you will know that I've recently dropped 3 dress sizes. I'm finally out plus size clothes and it feels fantastic to be able to just go in a shop and buy something for myself that is straight of the rack. Finally felling ok with my size and shape now I've compiled a wish list of some sleek day dresses , maxi dresseand Skirts from new look which I am in love at the moment. I'm know family read my blog *hint hint* hehe

This is so pretty, cool heart print with a fitted waist and lace panel to reverse. Great for a day dress with some ballerina flats or wedges. Then it could be teamed up with a belt and heels for evening wear. Plus everyone needs. A little black dress right. 

I absolutely love this tulip design, oversized polka dot bold dress. The colour is divine and it has a nipped in waist so perfect to give you a slim figure. I think this would look lovely with some cool tights and boots and a sleek scarf. After wearing black so long and green isn't something I generally go for.

I love maxi dresses I think they hide all your lumps and bumps and suit every shape. This gorgeous monochrome maxi with With a Shirred bandeau neckline and Slim fit design expanding spot print in a wavy design. I think this could be perfect with a pair of wedge heels and a demin jacket. This also comes in black and white too.

I'm loving this all over rose print skater skirt, with a flattering fit and flare silhouette. Teamed with a simple vest top, leather jacket and strappy heels perfect for a night out. Trying to avoid black as its been my colour for so long, I'm loving the bold print on this. It also come with an orange rose print which is just as fantastic.

I am in total love with this statement zigzag design stretch fit tube mini skirt. Not normally something I would of gone for when I was in a plus size but it just shout glam with the sequins. Teamed with chiffon blouse, black platforms and simple jewellery I think it will look amazing for a night out. 

*Brought to you by new look - Guest Post *

Are You Getting Enough Sleep- Chillow Review

Did you know that 75% of adults are not getting a good night's sleep? I think that's pretty shocking, don't you?  Got to admit I'm one of these people I'm so tired throughout the day then it comes to bedtime and I just can't settle. I've tried a warm bath, lavender products, resting with the lights down or a candle on and nothing has been helping. Recommended for adults is around 7-9 hours per night, while children is around 10-13 hours per night. I'm lucky if I get 5 hours a night - Yawn! 

I completed a survey for Silentnight  about my sleeping habits and they sent a Chillow  for me to test out to see if it helped me sleep any better. A chillow is  like a big coolpack but for your pillow to help you stay cool at night. The Chillow is activated once only by simply filling it with 4 pints of ordinary tap water. The water is fully absorbed into the patented, foam core of the Chillow. Once activated it will keep on working, so it's always ready for use when you need it. At first it was a bit hard to get used to but i thought it kept my pillow cool until morning. I think the fourth night of testing I think I only woke up once which is a record for me. I think the different feel to my pillow has definitely helped me to sleep better at night. I liked how its easy to clean with a wipe and that its ready to use and doesn't need filling every night.

My top sleep tips.

A warm bath, not too hot as it can wake you up.

Have time to wind down, turn the TV and computers off and maybe read a book.

Lavender products. Lavender oil in a burner & lavender sprays are great.

Turn the lights off and burn a scented candle.

Try to avoid any caffeine, tea, coffee or sugary drinks. These can keep you awake at night. 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Button Name Craft

This has been on my to do list for a while, but I just never had got round it it.

What you will need : 

Canvas ( I got mine from Poundland) 
Buttons - I got two 50g bags from ebay which cost me £3.50
PVA glue

First of all I drew Lexie's name out on the canvas, then I placed the buttons on before I stuck them down to see what they look like. I stuck a good amount of blue down and stuck the different sized buttons on.

 I left to dry for 24 hours before painting the background a pink colour. 

I left it to dry and went around the letters with a black marker to make the letters stand out. 

I added bows and buttons for decoration.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Halloween Limited Edition Picked Onion Pom Bears

Pom Bears have brought back out the pickled onion spooky flavour for Halloween after the success from them last year. Hands up I'm a massive Pom bear fan, never mind the kids. I love how the flavour is simple but light and the crunchiness is divine! Yum.

I got a spooky package and inside was the new picked onion flavour. 

The little ones went wild so we all had a packet each. I was surprised how the picked onion tasted rather sweet and it was very subtle flavour and not over powering at all. 

My daughter loves them, where my son wasn't rather keen, he is normally a plain Jane when it comes to crisps normally.

They have no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives and are gluten free, so perfect for little and big tums. 

For more details about Pom-Bears, you can visit their website for ingredients and fun facts. The site is really interactive for kids too, it kept us entertained for a while!

You can like Pom-Bear on Facebook

See Cirque Éloize on Sunday 6th October Giveaway

I have a great competition for one of my readers to win tickets to a special night in London on the Sunday 6th at 7:30pm to see Cirque Éloize, the leading international contemporary circus company with a new family friendly production iD which blends circus arts and urban dance including b-boying, breakdance and hip hop.

iD is suitable for kids 5+ and under 16s go half price. The show is set in the heart of the city and is described by Director Jeannot Painchaud as “at the crossroads of comic books, science fiction movies and the rich universe of graffiti”. 15 multidisciplinary performers from around the world will display an array of breathtaking acrobatic circus disciplines, including the Cyr wheel, Chinese pole, aerial silks and the trampowall.  

Since 1993 Quebec-based Cirque Éloize has presented more than 3000 performances in over 375 cities and 30 countries - and is renowned for its dazzling shows which combine circus arts with music, dance and theatre.

Cirque Éloize’s iD runs from 1 Oct 2013 – 19 Oct 2013 at London’s Peacock Theatre. Here’s the LINK for more details and to purchase tickets 

Official iD trailer

How contortionists travel by tube


The prize consists of two tickets to Cirque Éloize Sunday 6th October 2013 

Brummie mummy  is hosting the giveaway and is not responsible for sending the prize to the winner, this is done directly from the company. The blog and it's owner accept no responsibility for any withdrawal or non receipt of the prize. 

Please note your name will be added to the door that evening to see the show. 

Rafflecoper picks the winner and all steps of entry are checked.

Entrants accept that their email addresses are required and will be sent to the company after the competition closes.

The competition closes on the  30/09/2013  The winner will be notified within 48 hours and The company will be contacted thereafter to send the prize to it's recipient. The winner has 6 days from the date of contact from brummie mummy to respond with their address details, after which a new winner will be picked.

UK Only 

To win tickets enter the simple form on rafflecopter below.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Draw With Me – Sept 2013

I saw over at This Mummy Loves a great opportunity to get children involved  in drawing. Each month there is a new topic, so the children have a chance to go wild with there imagination. This months topic is " Movies". If you are a reader of my blog you know how crazy Raiden is on the Smurfs, so it was fantastic to ask him to draw something based on a favourite film. Of course he choose smurfs, and this is what he came up with. 

This is Raiden's  picture of Papa smurf and Vexy helping Smurfette choose a new dress and shoes, as you can see its a new bright pink dress and red sparkly shoes. 

Pop over and check out Draw With Me at This Mummy Loves. 

This Mummy Loves...

Monday, 16 September 2013

Something Special Giveaway

I have a few something special goodies spare from our something special party last week. Some yummy chocolates, a something special magazine & some pick and match cards. A great prize for any Something special  fans. 

To enter for the goodies, follow the Rafflecopter below for details. 


The prize consists of a Selection of something special  goodies. 

Brummie mummy  is hosting the giveaway  is responsible for sending the prize to the winner, this with be done via Royal Mail second class recorded  The blog and it's owner accept no responsibility loss or damage whilst in royal mails care. 

Rafflecoper picks the winner and all steps of entry are checked.

The competition closes on the  30/09/2013  The winner will be notified within 48 hours and prize will be sent within 7 working days. The  winner has 28 days from the date of contact from brummie mummy to respond with their address details, after which a new winner will be picked.

UK Only 
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Birmingham National Sealife Centre

On Saturday we was invited the the Birmingham National Sealife Centre. As Poppycat is featuring there so children and parents can enjoy story reading sessions based on ‘ALL ABOARD’ adventures. They can also be healthy and dance along to an energetic “Copy Poppy” routine, which encourages families to mimic the costume characters’ movements including the popular dance move, ‘the swim’, in time with the Poppy Cat theme tune. 

I've been a few times and I find it utterly amazing. Back when I was in senior school all I wanted to do was be a marine biologist. I adored dolphins and whales and when I was younger i would collect anything and everything to do with them. There has always been a massive problem, I really hate sharks. They make me queasy just thinking about them. I've been to the sealife centre and I'm so nervous as you have to walk though a tunnel surrounded by them eeeekkk! 

After setting off rather late we arrived at the sealife centre and was given a tour map and quest sheets these are activities that the kids find and strach off when they find the right answer, it s a fun way of finding out new facts about marine life. 

There is so much to look at and see. There is a pool when you can touch a starfish, it was really soft! I like how you can go at your own pace there doesn't need to be any rushing and it was pretty quiet in there too so you could stop and see everything.

Lexie was pretty amazed with all the different things to see, I loved how they was all children's height so they can see. Or push there faces up on to the glass to give whatever in there a fright! Lol 

There is a short 4D Spongebob movie which my son utterly enjoyed, he loved getting squirted by the water.  My favourite was the seahorses they look so pretty all curled up & twirled around.  We had so much fun look at all the different sealife and Raiden was able to take pictures too.  It is a good walk around and is pushchair friendly, there is also a buggy park when you can leave your buggies too if you didnt want to lug it around. 

Raiden and Lexie completed there sealife quest and was given a cool little medal which I thought was a really nice touch.

We had a good walk looking at everything then whisked up stairs to meet poppycat for a very deserved sit down while the kids did some dancing then chilled out for storytime. 

We was there just a little over two hours, there is lots to see and do at the sealife centre. Including a soft play area upstairs. Which is great if you fancied a quick coffee after walking around.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

LEGO® Ninjago Garmatron Play-Set Giveaway

I have a truly awesome competition for my readers, a fantastic LEGO® Ninjago Garmatron Play-set  for someone to win on my blog. You lucky things! 

Lord Garmadon's most fearsome soldier, General Kozu has stolen the elemental ice blade and is trying to escape in the Garmatron, a tracked-tire LEGO machine straight from the underworld. Chase after him with Zane on the ice spider and retrieve the ice blade!

For ages 8 years and over. Includes 3 Lego mini figures with weapons Zane, General Kozu and a swordsman. Perfect for fans of Ninjago and the age old battle between good and evil! Dodge the Garmatrons hidden missile and get the elemental ice blade back without being locked up in the Garmatrons prison!

The 328 piece set is worth £29.99 and would be a fantastic surprise or present for any Lego fan. You can find out more about this Lego Ninjago set HERE

To enter the competition, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. 

Terms and conditions. 
By participating in this prize draw you are deemed to accept these terms and conditions.
Prize draw open to customers and non-customers aged 18 or over who are UK residents. Draw is not open to employees of Argos, their families or anyone associated with this draw. Proof of eligibility must be provided on request.
The prize is LEGO® Ninjago Garmatron Playset - 70504, includes postage to the winners UK address. Promotion runs from  15/09/2013 and all entries must be received by 11.59pm on  7/10/2013  latest.
Winners will be drawn at random at the end of the promotion. 
The prize is not transferable and there is no cash alternative. The promoter’s decision is final in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into. The promoter reserves the right (a) to add to or waive any rules on reasonable notice (b) cancel or postpone the promotion at any stage in the event of circumstances beyond its reasonable control; or (c) in its reasonable discretion to substitute a prize of equal or greater value.
If a prize remains unclaimed after reasonable efforts have been made to contact the winner the promoter will be entitled to dispose of the prize as it sees fit without any liability to the winner for having done so.
The promoter reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose the promotion without prior notice.  

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