Friday, 2 August 2013

Top Tips For Water Fun In The Sun

Kids love an excuse to splash around in the garden in the sunshine, and what could be a more enjoyable and cost effective method of keeping them entertained during the summer? With the sun shining and the school holidays fast-approaching, Megaflo, the water specialists list the top ten garden water games!

1.      Pool party – Why not inflate a paddling pool in the back garden, fill it up with water and throw a little pool party for the kids and a few friends. A refreshing way to spend a warm summer’s afternoon.

2.      Bath for birds – All you need is an old shallow plastic container or pot and some creative inspiration!  Get your kids to colour or paint the container in whatever pattern they choose, then simply tie it to a tree branch, or rest it on a wall, fill with a little water and watch the bird visitors come flocking in.

3.      Sprinklers – Why not freshen up on a warm summer’s afternoon with a great game of British Bulldog thorough the garden sprinklers? A perfect activity for adults to get stuck in too!

4.      Dodge ball – Spice up a classic back yard game by switching the ball to a water balloon! This ticking time bomb adds real excitement for kids and a chance to get their own back on the adults.

5.      Car wash – Is the car looking a little bit grubby? Or maybe the bikes? Get the kids to give them a good scrub using buckets of water, a little soap and some sponges – a fun game for them and a chore done for you!

6.      Water Pistols – Line some empty plastic bottles or yoghurt pots up on a table or wall and see who can knock the most down. A welcome alternative to letting the kids shoot you instead!

7.      Wash the pets – Using the garden hose and a paddling pooling. Why not get the kids to wash the pets. This makes for great fun and some cute family pictures, as well as freshening up the furry friends!

8.      Balancing act – fill a bucket with a little water and run your own balancing competition!  See who can balance the bucket on their heads for the longest standing still and mix it up by trying walking or even a bucket and water race!

9.      Waterfall - Collect a pile of yoghurt pots or similar, then get the adults to poke different-sized holes in the base or sides of each in different places.  Then simply pile them high in a pyramid shape and fill a bucket or watering can with water.  Let the kids fill the top pot with water and watch it pour and trickle all the way down…hours of fun!

10.  Ice Lollies – Using some water, some squash and some ice lolly moulds from your local supermarket, why not make a delicious and refreshing treat for a picnic in the park!

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