Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Me Vs The Slimpod Part 2

Back in June, I talked to you a bit about the slimpod and how it was changing my eating habits. Click Here to see the post I wanted to do an update on how my progress is going.

I'm been using the slimpod for over 70 days now & I've dropped to listening to three times a week.  After being so sceptical about the whole thing at the start, I can't believe how much its changed my life.

 I've been suffering with a bout of imsonima and its been leaving me so hungry as I'm awake for around 18 hours of the day. Got to admit I had hit a bit of a block and my weight stayed the same and eventually I put back on 4lbs. The last two weeks I've been listening to the slimpod while making my morning cuppa.  I've managed to lost 7lbs in two weeks and I'm now only 1lb off my 2 stone lost. 

I've also smashed my targets as that size 16 dress fits already! Yay :-) 

My eating habits have changed so much and I'm finally happy with my mindset and I can't actually say no. I'm super happy knowing that I can finally do this in my own time and my own way.  I'm so much more happier and motivated, while getting slimmer. 

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  1. That's fabulous - I was a total sceptic too so I was amazed to see it actually works ! I need to do a top up when we get back home and back into routine next week