Friday, 30 August 2013

Easy Jigsaw Puzzle Photo Frames Craft

In the week we made some DIY photoframes. Which I thought would double up as perfect  presents too. 

What you will need :
Puzzle bits

First of all I cut out a heart and got Raiden to glue and stick the puzzle pieces on. I waited a good few days for it to dry and we needed to use a good amount of glue to stick the pieces on.

Next we painted over the pieces, making sure all bits was covered. We waited for that to dry and then we cut the photo out to place on the back with the photo facing outwards. 

We sellotaped it on and placed the ribbon on to hang the Photo Frame up. I added some cute bows to decorate.

Perfect and simple to do. Decided I'm gonna make a few of these for my wedding decorations. Think they will be perfect.

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