Sunday, 4 August 2013

Clarks Junior Foot Gauge Review

If your anything like me i love to online shop, eight years ago i would be he first to be hunting sale racks for hours on end. These days i would rather save myself the trip and do it online. one thing that's always gets me is the kids shoes. I'm always worried about getting the wrong size or if the width is ok. So I was pleased to find out that Clarks shoes have now made it even easier to purchase properly fitting children's shoes at home. To save you the stress of the back to school queues or the shop sales. 

Rather than having to go into store each and every time a new pair of shoes are needed, depending on your child's stage of development, you can choose from either a Toddler (  measure infant size 2 up to a infant size 9 1/2 ) or a Junior foot gauge ( 10 up to a adult size 10) to get the shoe size and order online.

The gauges come complete with easy to follow, step-by-step written instructions and there's also an online video demonstration of how to use the gauge at 

How to use the junior foot gauge 

1.  First make sure your child has good fitting socks, next get them to place there foot on the gauge that is completely flat on the floor. Making sure their weight is evenly distributed on both feet and the heel is in the heel rest.

2. Making sure the foot is completely straight. Hold down their toes and move the toe slide until it just touches the tip of their longest toe.

3. Make a note of the length measurement indicated by the black lines in the circular window. Don't forget to add any extra millimetres from the side scale to the number in the window.

4. To take the width measurement the tape needs to be positioned across the widest part of the foot. Firstly, place a finger in the middle of your child's foot on the big toe side. Gently move it towards the toes. You will feel a slight bump which is the big toe joint. Slide one end of the tape until it sits at the centre of the joint at the base of the big toe.

5. Slide the other end of the tape until it sits at the centre of the joint at the base of the little toe.The tape should now be angled to follow the line of the joints

6. Pull gently on the tape until it just rests around your child's foot then make a note of the width measurement in mm at the point indicated by the black arrow. Do not pull the tape tight as this will result in a narrow measurement. 

7. Go online at  and enter the longest length measurement and widest width in the size calculator. This will tell you your child's Clarks shoe size. 

The Gauge was pretty easy to use and very straight forward to use. As long as you line everything up eg the heel and keep the foot straight. My only bug was it doesn't give you the shoe size on the gauge you have to work it out using the Clark's site. 

RRP £6.99 you can order it online or pick it up from a local Clark's store.  

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