Friday, 30 August 2013

Back To School At Clarks Review

I'm always so sceptical about getting school shoes the last week in the holidays. I leave it to the last week as Raiden seems to have a huge growth spurt in the holidays. We had pre- booked an appointment and was shocked to see the amount of people when we walked it. We was seem straight away and Raidens feet was measured by the electronic feet sizing machine. Which is awesome as Raiden thinks its super cool like a spy scanning machine.  Raiden has a wide foot (H) so the lady went and got the size he needed. 

Looking around there was a good amount of staff on and it seemed calm and collective. The lady came out with two pairs of shoes, which was a but disappointing only have two pairs to choose from. Raiden choose the jack nanos ( Jack shine junior) The  shoes come with Jack Nano detailing and reflective panels. The chunky rubber sole gives toe and heel protection while double riptape straps ensure easy on and off. Agion antimicrobial linings fight bacteria. 

Each pair comes with a Jack Nano Yotoy ( you just lift the flap up inside the shoe and its hidden away) and an access token so you can unlock another level of fun on our fantastic free Clarks Jack Nano Racing app. For more details on how to download from the Apple Store or Google Play click HERE Collect all three tokens and race intrepid Jack on the trickiest circuits!

What to thank you the staff at the kings heath store, making the back to school experience stress free. Can't believe we was in and out within 15 minutes. 

Check out the lovely collection of Clarks Back to School Range over on their website

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