Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New range of Knights from Schleich Review.

This actually couldn't of came at a better time for us, as Raiden has been doing The topic of Knights and castles this term. He was excited to get the figures and take them in to school on the Friday for his show and tell. We was sent one of the knights on a horse and two knights. As all Schleich figures they are a tough  plastic, made to last!

Each individual figure in their comprehensive collection of hand painted  knights, along with the fighting warriors, is bold and colourful yet fits in with the old-world theme completely. I love the detail on Schleich figures, they always have such amazing features. They are worth the extra money. 

Rather than the cliched battle against good & evil, powerful dragon knights will be throwing the gauntlet down to the wise order of griffins. Shimmering armour, flowing capes, fearsome expressions, the new band of knights lining up for action from July 2013 look suitably ferocious.

Have a look at the Schleich Dragon & Griffin knights Here

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