Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Craft Time : Plaster Of Paris Magnets

I knew I had to start using up the bags of plaster than had been on the top of my cupboard for over a year. I'm not sure why I had them or what I was planing to do.  I brought a Minnie and Mickey mini cake tin just before Christmas and had never used them so I thought this would be a perfect project for my daughter. Then while passing the charity shop I noticed some letter and number moulds for a £1. So I grabbed them and thought we could made some homemade magnets to jazz up the fridge. 

Things you will need: 
Plaster in Paris,
Moulds ( there are loads of silicone ones in the poundshop) 
PVA glue
Circle magnets

I made up the plaster by adding water until it became thick, poured it in the mould and left to set until the next day. 

The following day I got the kids to paint them and left them to dry.

 Before covering them with PVA glue and a little bit of water to give them a glossy finish. After they was dry we added some circle magnets that I got off eBay for under £2. 

The results are fantastic and we love are new magnets, I'm gonna grab some more moulds so we can do some more for the family. A perfect and simple activity that has very creative results.

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