Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Me Vs The Slimpod

Day 43 

I'm pretty much open to give anything a go, when it comes to losing weight. Looking back pre-children I didn't eat a lot. I survived on toast, I didn't binge, pick or eat anything really bad. I was a happy 10/12.

After the shock of finding out at 26 weeks I was pregnant, my eating habits changed a lot.  I was eating whatever I wanted, lots of takeaways and a 2 litre tub if ice cream everyday. After my son was born I had ballooned to a size 18/20. It took me 14 months with exercising   Most days i managed to reach a size 12/14.  From then my battle of food started. It didn't help me getting in from work at 7pm so I was also eating pretty late.  My weight has been up and down since the birth of my son and I've never been able to maintain it. Four years later I got pregnant again, already a size 16 I was pretty worried how much I was gonna put back on. At 20 weeks I was diagnosed with SPD which left me pretty much bed bound. I had to take maternity leave early as just walking in between rooms hurt so much. I believe this is all my problems started with food. I was deeply depressed and would binge and sleep all day and everyday. My daughter was born and I was a size 18/20, two years after I had gone to a 22. I was so unhappy with my weight and just didn't see anyway out to help myself. 

One of my big problems is i hate wasting food so when cooking I would pick at food and if the kids left anything I would eat it instead if it going to waste. Another is portion sizes, since I can remember I was always given a large portion to eat, so I think its stuck.

So this brings me to my new challenge  its called the Slimpod a unique voice recording you listen to for 10 minutes a day which controls your appetite so you feel full quicker and eat less. Ok so can a repeat recording really help, yes it can!  I was super sceptical at first, I didn't think it could help at all. Slimpods feature the soothing voice of Trevor Silvester, one of the world’s leading experts in this field, who will gently guide you into losing weight by breaking eating habits that may have dogged you for years. This simple, powerful behavioural change means you'll be able to create long-lasting benefits for yourself.

The aim is to listen everyday, anytime & anywhere then to find three positives about your day big or small. They can be anything from a skipped the biscuit barrel at work, I walked instead of catching the bus, I had salad etc. you also set long and short term goals so you can see the progress for yourself.

Here are mine : 

Long Term Goals.

My main aim is lose at least 3 dress sizes by this time next year.

I will be wearing a size 14 by 25th December.

Be confident in myself to wear a bikini before I go on holiday next may. 

Short Term Goals.

Blue dress (Size 16 ) dress by 15th September

To fit in to my dress by Christmas ( its pretty tight ATM)

 Listen to my pods daily and find a minimum of 3 positives every day.

Listen for the full signal at each meal

Gym once a week and swimming twice a week.

I'm currently on day 43 and had some amazing results, not only do I feel free I don't feel scared of food anymore. I am now in control, food is not the enemy. 

So far since using the slimpod I have lost 9.5 lbs, which has been amazing. I'm so happy that I can make the right decision & if I don't every now and its ok to do so. Finally I've found something that's working for me, that I don't have to stop eating, weigh my food out and that will cost the earth to follow. The changes have been massive, I've cut down on portion sizes which have had a massive effect on my children also eating most of what's on there plate. I'm feeling full after most meals. I think twice about snacking on naughty things and most the time will pick up fruit instead. I'm moving more, I feel happier, less tired and super motived. 


  1. absolutely brilliant!! Well done you!! I love this post. Proud of you

  2. What a fab post!! well done, I know what you mean about not feeling afraid of food anymore, thats one of the biggest things for me.......... such a great feeling to be 'at peace' with food lol!
    Well done Tina, you must be so proud of yourself ! Helen x

  3. I was totally sceptical about the SlimPod too but it really works for me too. It helps make you feel really positive as well, which is another huge bonus. Well done ! xxx

  4. This is great news Tina! So pleased you are so happy and the Slimpod is working so well.

    Best wishes