Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Me, Myself & I - A New Me

So I'm laying myself bare today and telling you how the past 3 years have been for me and my weight. 

My first pregnancy I went from a size 10/12 to a size 18/20, it took me around 14mths to get myself back down to a size 12. From then on I've battled long and hard with my weight. I used to eat 2 meals a day before pregnancy, never snacked but always maintained. 

When we decided on baby number 2 i was a size 16. we tried for quite a few months but I never caught. So I decided to get back to the gym when I lost a stone and was back down to a 14. After suffering so bad with SPD with baby number 2, I ate and slept as it was so painful  i couldn't the school run which is 2 minutes away it took me half an hour. I binged & binged till i couldn't eat no more. Then I would get upset and just sleep until I had to pick my son up from school. I came very depressed and suffered very low iron. 

After my daughter was born I was around a size 18/20 and I had put on nearly 3 stone. I've been so unhappy ever since. My daughter didn't sleep though the night till nearly 2 years old, so I've just been in a tired state since which made me so lazy and sleepy all the time. 

The end of Jan 2013, my doctor basically told me I was fat. Weighed me and said I had put on a further 2 stone since I had my daughter. I was so upset and gobsmacked, but I knew deep down as my 20 jeans was way to tight, but I refused to buy the next size up.

Start of February I've been on a weight mission and so  far I've lost 1.5 stones, dropped down to a size 18 and lost 4 inches off tummy, 4 inches off arms, 2 inches off bust & 1 inch off my legs. I'm truly amazed with how far I've come so far.

I feel so much happier and healthier, a lot less stressed and tired! I still have a long way to go but I'm so happy that I'm making progress and I will not let myself have a battle with food anymore! 


  1. Well Done, it's so difficult when you are run down after having a baby the last thing on your mind is taking care of yourself and your own health. Good luck on your weight loss journey :-)