Monday, 17 June 2013

Frankie & Bennys New Speicals Review

We was thrilled to be asked again to try and test out the special menu at Frankie and Benny's. We had a triple celebration to celebrate. My 30th birthday, Fathers day & my engagement. As a family we don't really get time to all go out together and eat out. 

I was quite supposed to have to wait for a table for 20 minutes, we had pre booked and with nine of us. I was pretty shocked. With a 6 & 2 year old its no fun having them getting bored before we are sitting down to eat.

We seemed to be plonked and squeezed on a table for six, In-between a horrid smelling toilet and a stinky bin! 

The waitress was really nice and was quick to take our orders. The starters took 20 minutes to arrive and one had to be sent back as it was pulled pork potato skins which the menu describes as Fully loaded with BBQ pulled pork and red onion, topped with cheddar, but when it came all it had was cheese on. 

Three of us ordered the Garlic button mushrooms tossed in Cajun and blue cheese sauce, which came out Luke warm, which was a shame as it tasted really nice.

I ordered the Philly chicken & bacon wrap which was a flour tortilla loaded with breaded chicken, grated cheddar, bacon, lettuce and red onion smothered in Philly cheese sauce.  Which tasted really nice and was very filling. 

We also ordered the Philly steak sandwich which was sent back as well, as when it came mushrooms and onion was burnt to a crisp and it just looked like black bits had been thrown in to the bun. When it came out the second time it was perfect and the Philly cheese went well with it.

This is my 3rd time reviewing Frankie & Benny's see my other reviews Here & Here. I was pretty disappointed this time around as it was a celebration of three things. I did like the new special menu, it was good for £10.95 for two courses and something I would most likely try again.  

To check out the new specials menu click Here

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