Monday, 10 June 2013

Final Week Of The 28 Day Challenge Proskins Review

Proskins sent me a pair of their leggings and have asked me to undertake the 28 Day Challenge - wearing the leggings for at least 8 hours a day, everyday for 28 days. Last week I did my 28 days and I've been super pleased with the results.They have been so comfy to wear I have taken them to the gym, wore them with a long top just out and about, gone shopping with them under my jeans, wore them  while doing housework. You could wear them ideally anywhere as they are very light even under a pair of jeans.

Measurements today are another inch of tummy and legs. So it stands at 2.5 inch off tummy and 2 inch off legs. There has been an improvement in cellulite & stretch marks just in 28 days.

I would say anyone that is thinking about taking the challenge that you go a size smaller as mine are a bit baggy now. Here are the details if you are thinking about taking up the challenge yourself.

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